Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Been feeling a bit confused since the weekend. I returned from the UKIPT festival with 2/2 cashes after gaining huge stacks in both comps, 1 final table, 1 tv appearance, a first attempt at some poker commentary...and a general feeling of dissapointment.

The main event cost me less than 60 quid to get into via sat, and i managed to amass a huge stack early on day 2. Obviously this must have given me a nosebleed as from then on treading water would be an understatement. I found the increase in quality impressive, the lack of cards and situations annoying and my lack of gear changing infuriating.

By the money bubble i put new meaning into the word bowl as i limped into the min cash territory. Coming back with 7bbs is surely something only some1 who's just lost a huge pot or a super nit can proudly do. Well i lost no huge pots and certainly don't want to bothering with poker if im the latter.

Drowning my sorrows is something i consistently seem to do at these events, direct debits to the bartenders from my account would be an actual option. My over reliance on alcohol has become apparent and it stops now, i managed numerous arguments with friends over trivial subjects, that's going to stop.

Arriving back on day 3 with my bowla patrola was an experience not enjoyed, especially when i misclick folded while committed in the bb recieving huge value to a rse and a shove. I was just hungover and slightly bewildered at everything, that changes now too.

After pocketing my bowly cash for 61st, i entered the afternoons 300 and soon set about blinding myself down while enjoying the boxing on television. Then something clicked and i arrived at 112k going into day 2 with few left. Day 2 brought the inevitable crap shoot but again my gear changing was more mini metro than Ferrari. I limped onto the final table with..yep you've got it- 7 big blinds and went out first in 8th after a small amount of tv time. The chance at spending ten minutes commentating afterwards was enjoyable and my weekend was done.

Overall a profitable week, but a non satisfying one, while again drowning said sorrows at bar i discussed at length my inability to kick on with huge stacks. Lack of full value from premiums and an inability to 3bet in certain situation are two standard things which i may be delving into.

Managed a dull train ride home on the monday, i'd hoped for tales of adventure and shame, but even then i let myself down. Oh well lets get this post more positive, it's vegas soon and im gonna start building a decent roll. I aim to crush whilst sober, and will gear change so much i'll get put on top gear.

Laters peeps,



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Joann Hutson said...

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