Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Managed to snag a seat, via an online sat, to the UKIPT in dtd this week. Im playing day1b and cannot wait to play a really decently structured live event. I have been working very hard on my game of as recently, so i should bust a little later into day 1 this time.

I promise to blog some tales of fun and woe when i get back.

Run good 1 time please, this is kinda like a vegas sat for me.


TEAMDOBB said...


you at Vegas?

Steve H. said...

WD on your cash mate.

You playing Coventry?

Dom said...

TEAMDOBB- Hi mate, dunno about vegas right now tbh, very much 50/50, but i know which answer i prefer! Hopefully see you out there if u r going.

Steve- Hiya mate, ty about the cash, pretty gutted tbh, huge stack meant i needed to convert. No coventry for me im afraid, take it down my son! :)