Monday, 19 April 2010

Quick post...

Im always in a rush, i can never slow down and just chill, everything has to be done like yesterday, even this long overdue post. I mean im sure i'll write a proper entry b4 the end of this month, there seems so much to say, yet there's never enough time, well there is, just not in my crazy head.

Hardly played live at all since my last entry, bar popping into the international and throwing away 99% of the chips 3 handed, of crse it's just because i don't actually seem to like money. It's again related to making decisions too quickly and not slowing down and just thinking, i am literally snapping ppls heads off when i should breathe in and consider, does this 100 year old man really have a bluff in him?

Online its been an up and down month, the stts have been really a tough old grind recently, the standard is improving, and again, yeah im becoming impatient. My mtt game online is gaining momentum mainly due to picking better spots and generally tagging up, while also massively pressing certain situations. That big win is so due that i feel i will have it sooner than ever...there i go rushing again.

I haven't been all that well this month, and therefore have been watching football constantly, i swear my gf will throw the sky box out the window one of these days, oh well at least that's an excuse to get a sky hd one...

Laters peeps,


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Esmeraude D'Avis said...

Money is material. Don't stop making money