Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Long time no words...

Again i just don't feel like writing but feel i should do. The weird thing is that anyone that knows me knows that i talk too much, i literally don't shut up, obviously this blog is the anti me.

Febuary was a weird month, again barely played live and grinded online like a demon with okish results. Since the start of march though i've played the international poker festival and built huge stacks in each event, yet only min cashed once. That was down to a combination of lost races, fancy play syndrome by myself and one outers from my opponents.

This past sunday i finished 40th in the sunday million for a relative bowla, and the life changing cash amount eluded me once again. But it will come, i know it will. I've plugged some leaks and feel more confident about my game than ever before.

I'll try and update this blog some mnore this month, otherwise it's becoming a monthly episode of a dom moan here and there, best to do it on a more regular basis. :)

Playing the blackbelt live trne on friday that has sold out, looks fun.

Laters peeps,


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