Monday, 1 February 2010

M u s t blog....

Hiya folks, been feeling so guilty for not updating this blog, kinda like an upaid bill, a friend you need to catch up with, or when you have to do the washing up but just can't be arsed...okay i'm talking tripe now, but you know what I mean.

It's been a long old month of online poker for me, something finally clicked in the stts and my results started to improve, as did my mtt results likewise. Just a general nit up in certain situations, and a running better at flips is probably all it was, but it's been welcome enough.

The only problem with the online grind is that i've hardly played live, and i love playing live against the spewy types that invade the cardrooms. Managed 2 games down the international last month, yet if anything i was the one who spewed there, but tbh i think i just needed to adjust to the lack of multiple tables, boy live poker is slow.

I tried to cut out the sports betting, but it's harder than i thought, that buzz is addictive to me, and i often win, just not enough!

Febuary has a deluge of juicy looking live trnes/festivals i'd love to attend, but i'll need to win big online to justify them, though that's not an impossibility. One time i'll be back in the bigger trnes i know i will, it's just a matter of time baby. I think i have finally become a bankroll nit u know.

Laters peeps,

Blogged out dom.