Saturday, 19 December 2009

Getting sick of the beats....

Long time no post.

Guess it's that time of year again for me with poker and my career in 'gambling'.

I always seem to run badly near the end of each year and go through numerous soul searching moments of questioning whether or not i can really get what i want out of this 'job'.

Financially it's just a real struggle right now, constantly having to pay off bills from previous months and never seeming to have my own roll liquid. This has put me under undue pressures and it's kinda tiring.

For the last few weeks i've been really hitting the late night small mtt's on ipoker. I've done okay and paid off some overdue bills, but i'm still always skint and i hate the hours.

I think my sports bets have become a bit too much of a leak right now. I even tried to start accounting for them on here, but it was no good really because thet are just too numerous, and i'm not really a great one for keeping records. So come new year i've decided i'll limit myself to one football bet at weekends, and if i actually start saving some cash, i might just might allow a little acca come midweek too.

This post has come about as i'm feeling pretty tilty after a bad beat on a final table i just made. I literally ground out this 10 dollar rebuy for 4 hours b4 getting to the final table in 2nd place and 30 bigs or so, with the average at 20.

The chip leader has 50bigs and has already tangled with me a cple of times previously, showing himself to be a donk of the highest order. Alert here comes a bad beat whinge...well it is my blog right?? :)

Donk chip ldr limps utg, 2nd donk min rss out of position, according to sharkscope the guy puts uberlicious into the term uber fish. Mid position i pick up the aces and make it 6x to play. Now in this sorta of situation v random non thinking donks it's very important to get precisely the correct raise amount in. I figure against their likely ranges anything more will likely scare off first donk, and anything less wldnt get enough in versus 2nd donk's range.

Both donks called and utg donk shipped it in on the j hi rainbow rag rag flop. 2nd donk folds and i snap only to be outdrawn by the mighty j8std on the turn when that damn eskimo just can't resist popping down. So it's 75 bucks and bread and butter for me all week rather than the kkk's in my pocket if i hold and the world.

Phew vent over, just let me run good again and start building this damn bowl roll up again!

Happy xmas all :)


Steve H. said...

Keep in thre mate, like a deep stack event - your in it for the duration.

Happy Christmas mate and a change of fortunes in the new year - unless of course I'm on your table ;-)

Be lucky mate.

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