Sunday, 1 November 2009


*EDIT* Monday 2nd November- Just won my seat to the dtd live 80k monthly grntd via a 10 euro rebuy-sweet :)
Will probably sell some action but if so will post nearer saturday, can't wait as it's been ages since i've been dtd.

The last week has seen me miss out on big cashes more times than a wannabe wag in stringfellos-not sure if that line works but hey who cares! Keep hitting the bar with small mtt cashes, and then hitting the bar for beer to drown my sorrows. I've literally made about 7 final tables on ipoker in the last week, yet my biggest cash has been for like 300 bucks, figure how that is possible. I guess the buyins varying from $7 to $50 doesn't help, but it keeps the variance down. And the top 3 places normally pay well for a few k. My problem has been i keep losing crucial races and getting sucked out on in crucial pots. Oh well rant over, here's how my weeks's gone.

Monday 26th october.

Got up late but still managed to make it to brighton with family for someone's birthday. Said person had a good time which was all that mattered really, but luckily so did i as i breathed in the sea air. Was nice to have a day off gambling and just chill, although on the journey home i mused over backing leicster on the draw no bet market against the 'toothless at home' reading. Left the punt alone and of course it sailed home.

Tuesday 27th october.

Was back to the grind of a sort. If you call the occasional stt and sports bet a grind. The night shift on the mtt trail was the real work done really, hit the post a few too many times but ended up a little on the day which was a refreshing change.

Wednesday 28th october.

Had a few footy bets on this day. They alll won which nearly caused me to faint, my slightly negative attitude of late expected to lose, probbaly something i need to change in all aspects of life. Again hit the late night mtt trail and nearly smashed up my computer due to a beat or twelve.

Thursday 29th october.

Today i decided id really hit those stts,id multi table and show em how it was done, did I do the volume??...did i f@*!
Enjoyed some sports bets a little too much, putting on one or two too many 'dirty' bets saw a long term account closed, something that caused me much fury. No matter though, least they can't get no tilt footy bets off me. Mtts again saw deep runs without much wonga recieved, as i sank into bed around 7am i wondered where it had all gone wrong.

Friday 30th october.

Agree to meet some mates up town for a 50 quid rebuy+add on trne at the sportsman. The standard had to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately i didn't pick up not one premium hand all night. Left me needing to squeeze open donk limpers, probably a bad idea when one of them is tilting and your 86std runs up against the snowmen. Left to go home after a guinness or 3.

Saturday 31st october.

Got all my xfactor bets ready and waited for the evening's show. Felt this was the week rachel's luck would run out and also punted lucie at party prices. Did my usual lay of the twins for the bottom 2, kinda hard for them to be in that position when they are clearly one of the most voted acts. Yet ppl never learn and one bookie even offered generous odds on the event not happening too.

Football bets were a mixed bag, fulham copping a sweet draw no bet punt, southampton, stoke and sunderland all drawing and ruining an accumlualtor, 3 teams starting with s in an acca are clearly jinxed. Played a very small amount of poker but otherwise spent the day with my lovely gf. Also found out mr keys had won 48k or so in estonia-MBN! Wd though mate.

Sunday 1st november.

Spent most of the day chilling and went into greenwich for a walk and food with gf, was a nice break from gambling. Coffee by the river is starting to become a habit, i think im getting old as i actually am starting to enjoy it.

Enjoyed seeing my rachel bet cop and the twins wager absolutely sail sthrough. Unfortunately the multitude of direct debits due out soon will swallow up those wins, but hey it was a nice result. Couple of nfl bets were a wash, and i played a couple of the stars majors. In the warm up i went up and down like a yoyo, but ran like a dog and soon departed.

The million went a little better if also reliant on the yoyo style, before i made a somewhat laggy 3bet ship allin for 20 big blinds to a hj open, my aj no match for his aq, but im sure its the correct move. Currently playing a 10 dollar rebuy in which ive gone from chip daddy to chip junior, but there's still hope, the pca sat went slightly badly tho, degenerated into a shoot, but 50 dollar ones normally do.

Ok laters peeps,


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BurnleyMik said...

Good luck in the 80k DTD. It's always a great game and venue.