Thursday, 12 November 2009

Weekly Update

Spent the weekend partaking in all sorts of revelries in nottingham...ok i just played some poker with a sherbert or 3, but it was fun.

Last week was spent grinding the small mtts online, with the odd stt sesh thrown in. I managed to sat into the dtd 300 in a 10 euro rebuy and took down a couple of mini rebuys on ipoker for a bowl or two. Thursday night saw me drink far too much than is advisable after a meeting about poker turned into a beer festival. Thus the friday journey up to nottingham was spent feeling and looking green, also managed to lose my prescription shades on the way up for about the zillionth time this year. Moto service stations certainly don't destroy the opposition in terms of customer service, but lets get onto the poker.

Friday 6th November

Checked into hotel and decided the £40 quid rebuy would be best left alone, a mate from the international chopped it up for a couple of bags while i watched a john candy film.

Saturday 7th November

The holiday inn's breakfast, in particular the sausages were atrocious, i still have a stomach ache which i blame on these. Probably shouldn't have eaten them every day then, but an incorparated full english has to be taken advantage of right? Anyway i rushed over to the dtd club and saw the place infested with sharks as well as the uusal cods.

My opening table was pretty weak, but i didn't exactly take advantage, instead taking strong yet weak lines (if thats possible) against the young scandi threatning to run over the table. Deciding i wanted the captains hat i took him on in numerous pots with position, came out even or so in pots won between us, yet massively down in chips attained in these skirmishes.

A few hands i murdered, yet if im honest my only premium hand all day was ak once and precisely no pocket pairs bar the odd ducks or threes. I know a bad workman blames his tools, but surely he has to actually have some damn tools available. After witnessing numerous nit rolls where ppl destroyed poker hands with aplomb i departed after shipping my bowl in with j9std and running into aj, suck out 1 time was not to happen on this occasion.

Played the evening shootfest which carried a juicy 2.5k first prize, but failed to hit many flops, in the process massacring pocket queens against a female rock's turned set. At leats i busted in time for the haye fight and a comedy live score stt.

Sunday 8th November.

Woke up with a slight headache and decided to stay another night. The 150 fo today looked juicy and i managed to sell some of my action. That tournie went quite badly, i just could not get started, finally squeezing pocket ducks into the bullets, a bad move as the guy had never flatted a raise all day, guy wasn't exactly phil ivey neither, but might as well have been with me not even looking at the bloke. Shipping 13bbs in this spot dsnt sound horrible, fact that the aces guy had 11bb total does.

Decided the 40+40 evening shoot would end everything suitably, finishing third got me out of it for the weekend, but certainly not by much. Still was nice for the old confidence, even rejected a deal three handed, and glad i did despite the result. Finally thinking longterm for once.

Heard the twins were in the btm two on the xfactor-did my plums on this. Could not, would not understand that, and may attempt a similar bet this wknd, luckily a very small bet on lucie to go at 16s helped ease the pain a little.

Monday 9th November -Weds 11th nov.

Cheers to mark for the lift home, as also the lift up-poor guy should get a medal having to share a car with yours truely moaning about beats etc. Got back in time to grind a bit online. Thats what ive been mostly doing since i got bk, though i still feel rough from those breakfasts. Was glad to see that although james aikenhead hadn't won the wsop, cada had. Backed them both and also think the young american will be better for poker than a darvin moon win would have been, although i think mr moon surprised a few with his second place finish, certainly not the uber fish he made out.

Going to grind so much online next few weeks and try not to allow myself to get too down about having to miss blackpool gukpt and a stag do this weekend because of money issues, time to get that roll decent, then i'll party once more.

Laters peeps,


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