Sunday, 11 October 2009


Played the ept shootout side event on wednesday. Finished 3rd for 4k after failing to win a flip for the whole world. 11.5K FTW wld have been nice, esp seeing as i sold a great deal of my action. The overall standard in this event was appaulling, seriosuly most of these guys shldnt play above 10 quid stts, and even then they'd struggle.

My first table managed to lose 3 players within minutes, one bloke gleefully shipping his kings in and his 200bb stack on the first flop we saw. I think even the man serving at the bar knew his opponent had a set. Soon after another great player decided ak was also impossible to lay down to multiple action pre, again said barman wld have smelt the aces from afar.

After a long heads up battle my small pot strategy paid off when i got my money in good and it held up. The next table was tougher but i soon started raising most hands and being the table bully due to the general passive nature of my opponents. Like i say i need to win flips tho, meh.

This week i'll be grinding online while also playing a 2 day £300 side event at gukpt thanet on tuesday night with a nice smooth 45 minute structure. Again ill be selling percentages. Ive already sold 25% and will swop 5 percent with a friend. Therefore i have 20% available at 1.2, the price will be £36 per ten percent block. Any1 interested let me know.*

*EDIT: Am now sold out.

Laters peeps,



TEAMDOBB said...

be rude not to take a %
Ill take the 20% if its there still let me know at comments on blog as b4

Dom said...

Its yours mate. Stars transfer for £72 if ok.

Btw please dont feel obliged to after the last time! :)

Will try and update progress on twitter at end of tuesday.


TEAMDOBB said...

money sent at generous rate for ya!!

good luck (again)