Sunday, 25 October 2009

Post a post...

Rather like an ongoing record again I shall bleet on about not really knowing what to say in this blog. I could talk about how the grinding isn't really going on right now, how poker is very swingy both emotionally, physically and financially, I could speak about hands that puzzle, surprise or even amaze even the unamazeable.

But tbh i just can't be bothered. It's all a little dull. If im honest, recently i've suffered quite a few cruel rivers, and been taken to beat-aliciousville. I've got to make sure i dont tilt off all my pennies so that i have to go down and get a job at the local mcdonalds. Oh my god this post has become all funky, i don't know if i should post it, maybe i'll just delete this rubbish. Nah it'll be fun.

A lot of the more interesting blogs/posts i read on forums nowadays seem to talk about things related to other forms of gambling and life in general. As this blog seems to be going nowhere in terms of actual poker content i'll jump along that bandwagon and hope it inspires me to ditch the drivel above and deeply analyse balanced ranges, alex martin style.

So for the next few posts i think i''ll literally just talk about life and my recreational gambling on the side, as well as a bit of poker of crse, well probbaly just bad beat stories to start with but who knows, god im rambling.

Ok so here's the life of Dom since friday october 23rd:

Friday October 23rd:

I planned to use this day purposefully. To pick up some new glasses, to find lost sunglasses and genrally tidy up my mess in the flat. I did none of these things, absolute zilch, nadda, nottttttthing. In fact i didn't even grind online in one little stt, i just watched telly and vegetated like a potato.

I think my only 'worthy' attempt at work was checking out the weekend footy games, for teams to bet on, and obviously that is pushing the work label. My gf had taken the day off work as we had planned a wknd away, once that fell through she went shopping and did useful things, as i say, i didn't. As i hit the sack at the end of a long and 'easy' day, i felt largely ashamed of my lack of anything done on the day.

Saturday October 24th:

Today i played a couple of stts without much luck, punted on football games without much luck and went for a walk into town, b4 rushing bk for more betting on the chelsea game, which thankfully saved the day. Then i had to choose xfactor bets, this is obviously a highly skilled area of expertise which can take...minutes intensive labour.

Sat down to watch the show with the gf while switching channels to see my strictly punts go down the drain, i mean y o y wld anyone vote to save sonia from eastenders? Motd ended a rather lazy day again for yours truely, im sure my gf was not exactly impressed with her wknd away...instead spent in the flat as usual with me kinda being as lazy as ever. Oh well tmrw i'll change.

Sunday October 25th:

Meant to go to the seaside today but we postponed it due to the weather, even though it turned out nice. Instaed went on another walk, and ran back in time to see most of the liverpool united game, this result was neither pleasing to my bank balance nor my football allegiances. Had about a million punts on the nfl over the day, broke roughly even if a little down on brownie points with the missus. The zfactor result won me a bowl of rice and the day drifted away.

Tried two of the sundays on stars only to suffer a sicko beat when a donk defended with q6o, gg. Tmrw i'll probbaly actually do that seaside trip, and some stts, and find those sunglasses, etc...then again i'll probbaly just stay in and watch tv.

*The above is based on fact and fiction and not wholly true, nor wholly untrue. Ill blog about poker mostly next time, this seems all too intense and silly.

Laters peeps,



skolsuper said...

"and ran back in time to see most of the liverpool united game,"

Dr. Emmett Brown: Don't worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88mph the instant the lightning strikes the tower... everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

If you can time travel you really should be getting better results in the sports betting fella.