Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lets start again...

For like the zillionth time im going to attempt to begin again with poker. After the let down of the wsope where i played ok but ran bad and didn't 'feel it', i now actually feel like a rock has been removed from my shoulders.

Yeah a burden's been lifted because although a cash was important, the fact it didnt happen allows me to concentrate the mind. The previous few months were hampered a little with an inability to really grind online, as id convinced myself naively the 'big score' was due in september.

This naivety is something i need to lose from my portfolio, the sheer harsh reality is like in anything, hard graft gets you the cash. Thats why the same old names keep grabbing the bounty time after time. I know with my game i can do this too, i just need to make sure i grind with the best of them. Discipline, concentration and a passion to succeed, it all starts now.

I'll be playing online for almost all of october, but there is an event next week im participating in. The £500+50 shootout event(capped at 100) at the vic is starting on wednesday and i know i'll have a big edge in that. I've already had some interest and i'll be selling up to 50% in the event.

*EDIT- I've sold 40% so far:

The price will be 1.1 and believe me that is very cheap. Most ppl play stts massively wrong, and this is basically one of them. Live players don't understand the simple stt strategy, I do and will exploit all edges i'll have in this. I actually expect to win the event (as i do with every stt i play) and will play this with much relish. *

I'll write up a couple of hands from the wsope in a day or so. Think i was slightly guilty of betting without and not when with on occasion. Will be interesting to get opinions.

* Just to clarify, i'm selling in blocks of £60 per 10%. Payment can be by bank transfer or by stars or full tilt transfer.

Laters peeps,



BurnleyMik said...

Alright fella,

Might be interested in taking some of the action. Obviously you don;t know me, but I will be linking the blog up and I think a few bloggers can vouch for me.

Just reading your comments about STT's at the end convinced me (I grind SnG's too) that you are correct.

Anyways, if you interested drop me a line at my blog ( and we'll sort something out.

Otherwise, good luck in the event anyways.



TEAMDOBB said...

Ill take 10% Dom for £60. Send ya online name to comments at our blog and Ill transfer by Stars for you.

TEAMDOBB said...

need stars name still

Dom said...

Hiya TeamDobb mate.

I posted a comment the other day with my stars name.

Maybe it didnt go through, it said it had to be approved by the blog owner, i thought that was you so it wld be cool.

Anyway my stars name is Dreamfinder.

Hope thats cool and u return here again, otherwise ill try posting a comment again.

TEAMDOBB said...

didnt get original comment.
monies transferred Dom and good luck

Dom said...

Cheers mate. Will do my best, thats your 10 percent locked in. Ive recieved the transfer.

Hopefully be in touch on friday with news of a big score.


TEAMDOBB said...

ooooo this sounds promising on twitter "Won first table. Final in bit. Min 1k and 11k first prize"

Dom said...

Came 3rd for 4k, will be shipping u 400 teamdobb tmrw once ive paid it in to the bank. Ill also write up a report on it. Bit dissapointed with it actually, managed to lose a huge flip at the end basically for the world and the 11.5k first prize. Still a nice score tho, cheers for your confidence mate.

TEAMDOBB said...


my lucky touch mate wd.