Thursday, 24 September 2009

WSOPE....Main Event.

Saturday sees yours truely play day1a of the wsope main event. I feel very hungry for success this year, perhaps even more so than in previous years. It def feels like im at a crosroads in my poker career. As much as i can do the grinding day in day out with eyes closed, its not what i really want from poker.

Id love to travel the circuit more and play decent structured mtts, rather than the limited live shoots my roll allows right now. A nice win would allow this, and would def make the grind easier. Right now i would like to droan on and on about why, but i wont. I'll just get a result and do my droaning then.

If any1 fancies a piece of me@£100 per % in the main just send me an email to or just text me if u know my number. Ive got a small amount still available for those with good taste. :)

Laters peeps,

Confident Dom.

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