Thursday, 3 September 2009

Poor effort...

This is what a certain mr cowell might classify as a weak attempt at keeping this blog going. Im just not in the mood for writing right now, tbh im not in the mood for much. The whole grind thing is getting me down a bit and making me qstn whether long term this lifestyle is what i really want. Again this is all probably results orientated as i haven't had a proper mtt result in so so long. Stts keep the wolves from the door but not the champers on ice, and boy do i like my booze :)

I just seem to run pretty bad late on in every mtt i play right now, but its probably partly down to losing concentration at crucial stages. With the wsope coming up i need to make sure my mind and body are ready for a huge live grind, cos im only interested in a ft repeat...and of crse a win this time. This all sounds a bit crazy, but it is 6am and ive just finished a long stt sesh-something which will drive the most sane insane.

The international this weekend has a juicy 10k added 1k tournie, ill pop along tmrw and see if i can sat into this value fest. Hopefully be updating on a nice win in a few days. Ok peeps im blogged out.




AlexB said...

Hey m8 I'm another passenger in that boat of yours at the mo, just keep reminding myself of the big results once had, to affirm that the ability is still there somewhere that will undoubtedly come through again at some point - hopefully very soon!! Good luck at The International m8.

Anonymous said...

Why not try some 18/27/45 man games instead of STTs to refresh your game whilst the next big MTT score comes along? A change is as good as a rest as they say.

Dom said...

Cheers for advice guys.

Alex Martin said...

GL Dom, its not a bed of roses, but the highs will outweigh the lows.


p.s get some run good from the vulture