Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fist pumps...

Played the 100+100 sat for the wsope 1k event yesterday. Possibly one of the worst run tournaments i've ever seen tbh. No clock, a relaxed ridic way of organising the max 1 rebuy or add on system and blinding lights...but i digress.

Managed to donk off my first 5k against rory liffey early on with 67 and mid pair on a flushing board, he binked his flush after the money went in, but tbh i was guilty of fps there(fancy play syndrome). After this setback i managed to grind my replenished 5k up to 15k before the folllowing hand occured.

UTG rocky type rss with 5k bk, loud donk flats with large stck, i repop with kk in the bb. UTG dwell folds jj or aq id say, donk peels. Flop j106, i bet somewhat a weak amount hoping to allude to possible fe for the donk, donk flats tho. Turn 9, i feel the value is in checking and snapping for a variety of reasons, this happens and he proudly turns over 108 for 9 outs. Bink the 8 comes and he fist pumps like he's won the world and informs me i played the hand wrong and he thus deserved it.

Was gulity afterwards of having one or two too many sherberts, but luckily binked a bit on the heads up machine, cheers eoin! Looks like i wont be playing this 1k event now, but its not the end of the world, i need to make sure i conserve all my energy for that 10k event in just over a week, now that would be a nice time to run good. Might even fist pump a victory myself...

Laters peeps,



DungBeetle said...

Unlucky Dom - what a t*sser your opponent was in the hand where you had KK :(

Jimbo (Magical Mystery Poker Tour)

AlexB said...

Pffft who need a £1k event ticket anyway :-) Unlucky m8, hopefully you'll run good when it really matters, though hopefully not too good if you're in a pot with me lol. See you soon m8.

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