Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gotta update b4...

Just realised i hadn't updated this blog in almost a month, well the month isn't up so...phew i've updated!

It's weird but writing this blog seems like a chore at times and a joy at others. There seems a direct corrolation between when im winning it's great and i wanna blag, and when i'm losing and i just dont wanna droan on and whinge and moan. I'll save that for face to face bad beat stories for my poor friends.

So what have i been up to of late i hear my one reader cry? Well ive been grinding a bit online and playing a small bit of live poker. Got a small result for 600 squid at the internationals nifty tournie a cple of weeks back, i think ill try and make that one a regular thing for the minute, i run good in it.

Went to luton for their gukpt festival and ran like a dog. More importantly however i think i found a leak...or something at least i can fix. Simply in terms of extracting value from my big hands and giving ppl more rope etc....ive not been doing that enough. I think my staple diet of turbo stts have found me often bashing a monster into the felt....frightening off even the most calling of train stations.

Ok well im rambling about a load of ol rubbish now so ill leave and return soon i hope with some more valuable input. If thats poss of crse!

Laters peeps

Dull dom