Thursday, 16 July 2009

Not liking live poker right now...


Not a big fan of king queen either at this particular moment. Anyway here's a report on the 3 vic events I played during the last week as part of my bluebelt package for blackbelt poker.

Feeling a smidgen of pressure due to last getting a live cash in january 1986, i arrived in marble arch for the first event i was particpating it, monday july 6th was the date, 300 f/o the comp.

My first table held a few spewy types, but the deck deserted me and by the time my table of spewers was broken i still had my starting stack. My new home housed cods all over da place and i soon took full advantage. Pressing every small edge possible i'd tripled up within minutes and barely put my stack at risk once.

As KK arrived in the bb once someone had raised utg, i felt chip leader status could be mine if things went the way i wanted. I 3bet and he snapped for far too much of his chips to setmine. I expected he held aq suited or jacks and looked forward to a bullet free flop. Unfortnately the first card out was the ace of spades, but also accompanied by the ks9s. Against this particular player i felt an overbet would recieve little respect so i basically shipped the lot in, he dwelt but claimed he'd folded aj of hearts. If so then nice call pre....and nice fold on the flop too...spewyyyyy. As i think he'll hero with aq and poss call with the jack of spades i still don't hate my play here, but perhaps i could have at least given him the illusion of fold equity by meekly betting or checking the flop, but no matter i digress.

I bled off a few chips raise folding medium stregth hands to horrendus donk overshoves before i was moved table again. Rhythm was hard to gather in this tournie and even worse i'd been moved to a much tougher table with many chips shared around. A couple of early incidents affected my decisions a little too much and i played one hand a little dubiously. Ace rag suited utg isn't really a raising hand with 20bbs or so, even when the big blind is already folding and certain ppl on the table looked disinterested. A good pro soon picked off my steal attempt and confidence was not at an all time high.

Somehow i subsequently managed to flat a lags mid position raise with kqo in the cut off, prefer a 3bet or fold tbh. The small blind looked like he wanted to raise pre but only flatted before donking the pot on a k22 rainbow flop, i got it all in v ak and it was gg me. Funny thing was how long he took to call, prob an unitentional huge slowroll ftw. Gone 2 tables or so shy of the money meant i felt a little dispirited, but still the post tournie pint of guinness tasted nice.

Event 2 was wednesday july 8ths 200 fo. This was not exactly my greatest poker moment. I lasted about 30 minutes and felt i'd let ego intrude into my game, something rather rare in my game i assure you. Check raises and 3bets galore early doors means time to get the pipe and slippers on and wait for someone to spew huge. Yet when my trip 9s got barely a cent paid and my jacks were cracked by an uber donk limp calling a 3rd of his stack pre and then shipping an ace flop with relish, i felt a little frustrated.

I puke folded the prev hand on the flop, before raising the serial check raiser's bb on the button. Holding a5o i was happy to see him flat oop. Then the a9q double club flop got cbet by moi and check rsd by him. I was steamy enough to have already mentally committed my 50bb stack once id cbet. Deciding he HAD to have the flush draw i insta shipped and he snapped with a9. Now i hate the way i played this hand. I fold out air an bet into nut hands and race v draws, just think, evaluate and at least look at the guy. He was clearly a semi donk but one who could get under yr skin, especially by constantly bleed limp calling and then check raising every other flop. If I adapt i get it all simple. Not my finest hour in poker i'll admit-i will put it down to a vegas hangover!

Event 3 was sunday july 12th's 300 bounty. This tournament saw lots of action and i certainly played better in this than in my previous outings. However, constantly getting my big hands cracked is a little hard to take. Ak was duked by a6 and my aa was demolished after getting it allin on a k234 turn v kq. The q of crse came down on the river to ship my opponent a huge pot and leave me with a bowl fairly deep into the tournament. My small amount of rice didn't last long as i ran my top pair into a flopped straight. No matter, it's all variance...and i played very well on this occasion...for once! :)

Overall a dissapointing week, the cards just aren't running for me right now, but a bad workman blames his tools so ill just say meh.

Finally a big well done to james akenhead who has become one of the november 9 at the wsop. Truely awesome achievement from one of the best players i have ever played against. I'll def be rooting for a sickdog victory in a few months.

I'll try one of these days to blog about vegas, but tbh it's not exactly something i want to do right now.

Laters peeps,


*Don't really hate poker, love it really.


AlexB said...

Just back from hols m8 sorry to see things ain't been going your way, hope your long overdue good run is gonna kick in asap bud.

Alex Martin said...

Hope ur luck changes boss. On the plus side tough life to have free entry to the wsope!!!!! :)

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