Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Viva las Vegas...

So much to post, so many things to do, so won't say everything now, will do it all soon.

Im in vegas now after arriving in pure com style yesterday, and am already loving vegas again. The rio stts are gonna take one hell of a battering this week i can tell ya, am 1 for 1 so far and hopefully it's gonna be a parlay time.

In other news i managed a blue belt from the blackbelt grading process, that's something i'll also talk about in the next write up.

Laters peeps,



TEAMDOBB said...

gl mate, may bump into you out there arriving 13th.

James Atkin said...

Best of luck in Vegas mate!

AlexB said...

Good variance to you m8!! Have a blast - wish I was there to 3bet your raises...memories lol.


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Best of luck for blackbelt grading process.
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