Friday, 12 June 2009

Vegas Diary...

Well it's not been easy so far, and i guess that's why i haven't felt like updating my progress on the daily basis like last year. Being too results influenced is never good, but as humans we all have weaknesses, and mine is perhaps getting too emotionally involved in how i peform in poker. Detaching oneself from the actual variance within the game is vital to succeeding in this cut throat industry.

So instead of a day by day update i'll just inform you of how i've done generally on this trip. Stts started off beautifully, although i believe i made some bad -ev deals thinking of short term cash rather than long term variance. Since those first few days however i've had such bad luck i cannot descibe it in mere words. Kings constantly cracked by rags and almost every single race lost, roughly sums it up. But as i like to proclaim often, a bad workman blames his moving on.

Played the $1500 no limit event at the rio yesterday. Early on i lost a third of my stack cbetting a player who wld only ever ck rse with the nuts. Then i managed to get full value from an old timer with my rivered flush. Soon enough though ppl started 3betting me for fun and i had to lay down a cple of hands waiting for the right spot. That situation arose and i found a double up against a blind defender overplaying jack rag. From then on i pretty much dominated my table and turned in to the 3bet merchant i know i am in my heart. 4bets were unheard off and bleed limps adored by many. Of course eventually i began to tread water as short stacks desperately fought amongst themselves and i became card dead.

By the dinner break my large stack had become average and although dissapointed at my weak table being broken it was nice to get moved to a table with larger stacks. This meant i could steal a bit without being commited to calling shoves, and soon enough i doubled up after a cple of players played there blinds horribly. Unfortunately that table was broken shortly after i joined, this displeased me much when i realised my third one was much tougher. I stole a bit and kept ticking over amongst the internet whizzes. With 270 getting paid i'd reached the last 450 with an average stack when the following hand occured. A player who had been far too frisky, raised something like his 4th pot of the round. The blinds at this point were 400-800 with a 100 ante. Finding AK on the btn i decided to rr the lag. However, i felt the stack sizes were difficult. He had about 35kish and i had 23odd. I didn't like rsng to 8k or so and folding to a raggy flop.I decided i'd shove and take the pot down now, of crse i wasn't exepecting a snap from jacks. Although i hit two pair my opponent setted up and i was gone.

So that's about all she wrote so far,i'll be playing another $1500 tmrw and am hoping for the deck to favour me a little better. The way things are going, a month stay looks far too optimistic right now, but we'll see how everything goes.

Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

Hi m8 glad to see your update tho obv not so glad gods ain't been with you. Unlucky exit in the $1500 - always seems the crucial races are the one's you lose eh m8. Still, stay positive buddy and I hope a deserved result comes your way soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the oney was going in regardless on the exit hand.

Out of interest, do you think flat calling with AK in position would be a horrible alternative to re-raising to 8k or even shoving?

Dom said...

Yorkshire pud-Ty 4 yr comment mate.

I'd much rather flat call than rse to 8k myself here. I don't want him to flat with something like jj and then force me to fold a raggy flop after putting in more than 25% of my stack in pre.

One option could be to 3bet to 6kish and snap a shove, which may be induced by such a small raise-as he'll see more fold equity out there. Also i leave less out there when i have to fold certain flops.

In this instance i prefer the shove as although i may fold out hands like aj,aq, kq std, which may 4bet shove, i more importantly make flipping small/med pairs fold most of the time.
I think he'd have struggled to call with any pair less than 1010.

And obv taking it down pre with miss kournikova is never a bad thing.

anon said...

I wondered where you had disappeared to Dom! Best of luck out there - at least there are a few cash rich Brits to nip off now :)