Sunday, 21 June 2009

Vegas Diary Part 3...

Sorry for such a long space between updates. Have to admit to being a bit selfish right now, and thus not feeling like posting so much. I guess this blog while in vegas will just be a weekly update. This selfishness is due to me running like a dog on the most part, and generally feeling pretty bad about it all.

Since my last post i have played 2 more $1500 events, both without success. In the first I heroed an old donk after kinda reading him right, but he still binked. Yesterday's tournie went bad when within the space of ten mins i ran strong holdings into kings twice. That was a shame as my table was gen juicy and poor.

As everyone knows, vegas can be both the best place and the worst place in the world at times. Right now it's def the latter.

Hopefully i'll post again in a day or so, and hopefully in a better mood.

Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

Really glad to see an update - really sad things are bad :-( I'm not very good at providing inspiration or lifting spirits I'm afraid, but I'm certainly keeping everything crossed in the hope you're about to have a mega-heater! Take care m8.

TEAMDOBB said...

nice talking with ya

chin up mate it can change so quickly
gl for rest of ya stay

tom said...
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