Friday, 5 June 2009

Summing up and moving onto the vegas diary....

Ok this post is going to speak about the blackbelt grading and how it went for me, b4 starting on what i'm sure you've all been waiting for... the famous dom daily diary in vegas-it's pure com!

Blackbelt's grading was so tough, it was really a grind, but very beneficial. Playing 6 hours a day, with one workshop of the same time, 6 days a week, doesnt actually sound that much. I mean people with normal jobs work more time than that each week, but as poker players we don't really get that! I learnt so much about how lazy and unstructured my life was b4 the grading. I probably knew all along i needed more volume, but the actual process was far harder than the principle.

Overall i finished about -£100 throughout the grading, i never really got into a consistent profit curve and jumped up and down quite a bit. I think it's all about ajusting to the levels and the sheer volume of games per month, something im not used to. I'd hope to beat $50 stts at about the 15% roi mark-longterm, which means a profit of about $6k a month-which would be fine. Obviously that's not what happened last month, mainly due to the switching levels and a lack of ajustment to the increased volume on my part.

As far as community contribution i could def have done more in my first month with blackbelt. However, I found the amounts of blogs reached saturation point and that mine may have just got lost in the seas, something i'd never want to see from such skilled writings! :)

In terms of strategy articles i'm kind of finding my way with these, and hopefully will get some out in the open soon enough. Because make no mistake, i want to be a brown belt as soon as i can, i know i'm a good enough player to represent the site in a worthy way, and look forward to a good relationship with a very worthy company.

So moving's vegas time!
Dom's Vegas Diary

Day 1- Tuesday June 2nd

I had been in spain the previous week, relaxing after the grading process and enjoying a poker free week. It certainly worked as i felt super hungry for games on my return. 2 days after returning from marbella i was jetting out to las vegas. Arriving early at gatwick i snagged a snazzy emergency exit seat in economy, free of charge, should be £50-so that's +EV already baby!

The plane got to nevada an hour or so early, and i zoomed off the jet hoping my usual fingerprint com would finally cease. 30 minutes later i realised that was a naive thought and tried to detilt. Another 30 minutes of waiting for my bags left me looking 4ward to a nice cold beer in the hotel. However, my glasses had other ideas!

As dave the legend picked me up in his rental car, i managed to drop and stand on my only pair of glasses! Absolute com and a dom mare of epic proportions. I spent the next few hours hemmoraging money replacing said specs in a vegas opticians. Not the best start to the trip but an amusing one i'm sure you'll agree. Finished off the day with a nice soft $275 stt down the rio, chopped it 3 ways for a profitable start to the trip.

Finally checking into my hotel late on in the day was not so easy, they gave me a smoking room with a non working telly, managed to get that changed but not until the following day.

Day 2- Wednesday June 3rd

Was happy to get my new hotel room sorted but hadn't slept much in the smoke fest the nite b4. Went and picked up my new glasses and felt i'd suffered a bad beat already, $400 is not something i'd normally invest in specs, but over here things to do with gen heath are kinda excessive. Managed to fit in another stt today but bubbled it and hit the sack early doors in an attempt to get into a sleep schedule, omg i sound about 83! :)

Day 3- Thursday June 4th

Today i learnt the new way to play poker, the limp snap! This lesser known way of playing k9 std by your average joe out here is something i'll have to add to my game. The hand went like this, k9 limps oop with 4k at 1-200, about 4 others do likewise. As the trne had got pretty shooty with 50 antes included i decided to ship/sqze my 4050 stack in with a10o. The utg snap had me worried, especially the way he proudly turned over his holding, the king on the river rewarded his excellence and my chip n chair was gone the next hand. Played 4 stts today and although i mangled one hands with 22, i gen played great but just found variance kicked me in the face. Still vegas is awesome and i'm thrilled to be out here.

Laters peeps,


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AlexB said...

Glasses, iPods, and mobile phones, at least one is always feautured in the poker excursions of Dom :-) And I know you thought you were sounding like you're 83 but at least you only look half that age :-)) Joking apart m8, I hope you get many more donkeys like the K9 guy and start turning a nice profit - keep us updated!!