Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hello peeps...

The last week has been a real grind online and a bit of live play too for yours truely. It's certainly been an eye opener in terms of structuring my play, hours and general life. Almost all too in a good way, I believe before i started blackbelt i was unaware of how to really grind online. The $10 stts are actually hard to master when you are so used to the lite 3bet and random 4 bet in your armoury. Here you can only win by 3betting thinly and value betting even skinnier. The Cbet is something you cannot abuse so much and it leads me to tears. This new week sees the start of the $20 stts which should see me hugely increase my rather drab roi so far.

To help get used to smaller stake players i ventured over to the 10 quid rebuy at the international friday night. 30 quid later and a few hours into the night i'd finished 3rd for 250 quid and an enjoyable nights work. The amount of open limp bleeding going on was amazing, and def helped me identify things to use and abuse online in the smaller stake adventure.

For the next few weeks i'll be blogging less on here and more on here, so please follow over dear reader and support the site and thus support me in my quest to be one of the lucky 8.

Laters peeps,


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