Friday, 3 April 2009

Smaller Stakes...

This week has seen me sampling out smaller stake online tournies, while also playing a small live event. At least nobody can accuse of me not trying to build a roll again, rather than continuously firing shots at bigger events. No norweigian champs for me im afraid steve, thanks for the comments, but im afarid the roll must come first nowadays. Im sure ill be at dtd soon enough for one of their great events anyway.

Ive been sampling the ipoker mtts recently. Some of the structures are mega deep and have quite a bit of value, i still hate the software tho, it really sucks. Managed to make 3 final tables out of like ten attempts, so im quite pleased with the strike rate too, of crse the beats have stopped me getting the top money, but no matter.

Last night i went along to the international for their thursday night event. Smaller buyins like this may be my immediate future, and if so ill make sure i bring the ipod. Some of the idiotic comments you hear at this level are quite amazing, and as for the play, well its creative i guess. As i departed after 4 levels, i reflected upon a hand or 2 misplayed somewhat, but mainly by my opponents.

I sound rather bitter at the moment, its not that i hate grinding, i just hate grinding! :)

Laters peeps,


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dalzini said...

you playing any SCOOP events mate? I had small cashes in the low/medium Event 1 tourneys yesterday.