Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cash games and rocking up....

I've finally started playing...and winning in cash games. For years it's only been something that i have stumbled into after a losing tournie and copius amounts of alcohol. The combination of tilt and booze never quite worked and more often than not i left the felt potlesss. Since i have started seriously managing my bankroll i have been looking into ways to maximise my edge and minimise my risk. Cash games have managed to supply both.

This past weekend i decided to visit the international and play their weekend freezeout. With a reasonable clock and 8k in chips i expected to put up a decent effort. What happened was a triple barrell bluff being picked off and a large race lost, and thus an early bath. Rather than wash myself i decided to play the small cash game running next to the tournament. This was so soft i couldn't believe my eyes. Candy from babies and all that, wow these players really wanted to donate. Oh and i ran good too.

Went back last night too and registered another reasonable profit from the game. I think the combo of a sober dom and a non tilting post-tournament version might actually do quite well from these games u know! Im still grinding the stts online meanwhile as it's a pretty easy way to keep the roll ticking over during the daytime. Soon enough i hope to be back in the bigger games, all with sound roll management of crse.

Happy easter in advance everyone. Laters peeps.



Steve H. said...

Happy Easter to you mate..
DTD this weekend looks good mate.

Dom said...

Wish i cld go dtd mate, but family plans and roll restrictions must come first.

Good luck to you if u play, take it down my son! :)

Anonymous said...

Dom - care to share your bankroll requirements? I think I am a bit on the nitty side unless I am pissed then WTF is BR management!