Sunday, 19 April 2009

Blackbelt poker...

Like my friends James Keys, Steve Holden and 47 others i have been lucky enough to be chosen for the grading which starts a week on monday. I am literally chomping at the bit to get started on this fascinating opportunity. Getting a more structured and more analysis into my play can only be good for me, whether or not i manage to sneak into the top 8 for the brown belt package. I also like the idea of sharing and listening to ideas at the workshop once a week in london. So thats all good.

The last week or so i've been grinding a bit online while also venturing again into the live cash arena. Saturday saw me nittily avoid the 300 quid international spring festival event, in favour of some cash action with some inebriated souls...i was sober:)

One hand in particular was an exaample of why i should just be rebuilding my roll this way over and over again. A little 1-1nl game with a 100 max buy in saw me sitting with a stack of around £220 after half an hour of picking up small pots and the odd bluff. There was a mixture of rocks and lags on the table, with 1 fish whom i had position on. I limped utg with 67 suited in a multi way pot, the flop came down 673 rainbow, so i checked with the intention of check raising. One lag bet 7 squid into the 9 pound pot recieving 4 callers including the fish at the table. I then reraised to 30 or so and found auto folds untill the fish reraised to 60. Now against many players here i would possibly stop and think it over, however against this particular foe it was an instant push. This guy had been playing so strangely that the only thing i was worried about was scaring him off. Unfortunately it soon became apparent he had a very strong holding. He claimed a set to which i declared that he would be slowrolling with a set, well the comment must have worked as after a lengthy dwell he folded his 3s face up. As he knew i held 45 i felt it only fair to show him my inferior holding. Nice fold buddy! :)

World champs snooker, manc GUKPT week and loadsa other stuff means this will be an exciting week for me, i may make my first million!

Laters peeps,



dalzini said...

Hey obviously hasnt played with you enough, I would have insta-called you with bottom set lol

Dom said...

Its a snap mate, shocking fold.