Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And we have begun...

This is where i hope after 4 weeks of grinding online I will be heading, along with a brown belt with blackbelt poker. This is the aim, and my mission that i have chosen to accept. Sounds a little robotic, but im trying to focus all my thoughts on really doing this 100%.

Yesterday's first workshop was fun, lots of chat about what blackbelt involves and what is expected of us. My favourite bit was def the hand analysis bit led by nik persaud. It was fascinating hearing numerous opinions on how a hand played out, from the 2+2 style to the uber nitty way of playing. Im not totally sure in which category i fitted into, probably somewhere in the middle, if leaning to the more aggressive side. Some of these graders really know their stuff and competition is fierce, all gooooooood :)

Got a bit of a hangover today following a few post drinks with some of the guys watching the snore draw in the chelsea game. Im currently watching the united game while grinding those $10 stts, infact i better get back to them.

Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

Go on Dom - rooting for ya in your pursuit of Brown Belt m8 - don't forget the regular updates!! :-)

TEAMDOBB said...

same as Ive told SH good luck in ya quest