Tuesday, 14 April 2009

100th post....

I was putting off this post as i thought i best make it a good one as it's the 100th on this blog. But then i couldn't really think of much to say, and decided this 'landmark' was stopping me writing, causing a block of sorts, so i've decided to say who cares and just post a wishy washy post and get the ruddy thing out the way.

The last few days have seen no poker bar a live bank holiday freezeout at the international yesterday. Bar that, since thursday i've been 'helping' to assemble numerous Ikea purchases in our flat. When i say help, im ashamed to admit, i more or less sat down and watched telly while some1 else did it all. DIY is not excatly my strong point, and as for the cleaning up afterwards...well lets just say i failed the class on that one too.

Easter has been filled with numerous beverages and copious amounts of chocolate, so the next week or so may see myself attempting an exercise binge of sorts. Taking stairs rather than lifts, walking 5 minutes rather than get a bus...lol :)

The live tournament i took part in was a deep stacked shoot. Unfortunately after winning a race i got so excited i spewed off my chips rsng and calling short stack shoves with k7 and the mighty ducks, getting crippled in the process.I then ran a10 into aq and 73 into a cple of big aces. Not my finest moment but i certainly enjoyed the rollercoaster, and actually learnt a few things.

The US Masters wasn't the money spinner id hoped for, a couple of my runners missing out on big priced place pay outs. The worst thing was the winner being Angel Caberra. A week before i'd backed the stocky one in a much weaker field at 150s, amd he'd peformed abysmally. So despite backing 699 players at Augusta, i left out the crucial money spinner, big game player and all that....ooops.

This week i'll be grinding stts like a demon, im hoping to get a roll together for manc GUKPT week, all within strict roll management of crse!

Thats the end of 100, 101 next peeps, laters.


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Steve H. said...

here's to the next 100, dont take so long with them either.

Good luck mate.