Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And we have begun...

This is where i hope after 4 weeks of grinding online I will be heading, along with a brown belt with blackbelt poker. This is the aim, and my mission that i have chosen to accept. Sounds a little robotic, but im trying to focus all my thoughts on really doing this 100%.

Yesterday's first workshop was fun, lots of chat about what blackbelt involves and what is expected of us. My favourite bit was def the hand analysis bit led by nik persaud. It was fascinating hearing numerous opinions on how a hand played out, from the 2+2 style to the uber nitty way of playing. Im not totally sure in which category i fitted into, probably somewhere in the middle, if leaning to the more aggressive side. Some of these graders really know their stuff and competition is fierce, all gooooooood :)

Got a bit of a hangover today following a few post drinks with some of the guys watching the snore draw in the chelsea game. Im currently watching the united game while grinding those $10 stts, infact i better get back to them.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Blackbelt poker...

Like my friends James Keys, Steve Holden and 47 others i have been lucky enough to be chosen for the grading which starts a week on monday. I am literally chomping at the bit to get started on this fascinating opportunity. Getting a more structured and more analysis into my play can only be good for me, whether or not i manage to sneak into the top 8 for the brown belt package. I also like the idea of sharing and listening to ideas at the workshop once a week in london. So thats all good.

The last week or so i've been grinding a bit online while also venturing again into the live cash arena. Saturday saw me nittily avoid the 300 quid international spring festival event, in favour of some cash action with some inebriated souls...i was sober:)

One hand in particular was an exaample of why i should just be rebuilding my roll this way over and over again. A little 1-1nl game with a 100 max buy in saw me sitting with a stack of around £220 after half an hour of picking up small pots and the odd bluff. There was a mixture of rocks and lags on the table, with 1 fish whom i had position on. I limped utg with 67 suited in a multi way pot, the flop came down 673 rainbow, so i checked with the intention of check raising. One lag bet 7 squid into the 9 pound pot recieving 4 callers including the fish at the table. I then reraised to 30 or so and found auto folds untill the fish reraised to 60. Now against many players here i would possibly stop and think it over, however against this particular foe it was an instant push. This guy had been playing so strangely that the only thing i was worried about was scaring him off. Unfortunately it soon became apparent he had a very strong holding. He claimed a set to which i declared that he would be slowrolling with a set, well the comment must have worked as after a lengthy dwell he folded his 3s face up. As he knew i held 45 i felt it only fair to show him my inferior holding. Nice fold buddy! :)

World champs snooker, manc GUKPT week and loadsa other stuff means this will be an exciting week for me, i may make my first million!

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

100th post....

I was putting off this post as i thought i best make it a good one as it's the 100th on this blog. But then i couldn't really think of much to say, and decided this 'landmark' was stopping me writing, causing a block of sorts, so i've decided to say who cares and just post a wishy washy post and get the ruddy thing out the way.

The last few days have seen no poker bar a live bank holiday freezeout at the international yesterday. Bar that, since thursday i've been 'helping' to assemble numerous Ikea purchases in our flat. When i say help, im ashamed to admit, i more or less sat down and watched telly while some1 else did it all. DIY is not excatly my strong point, and as for the cleaning up afterwards...well lets just say i failed the class on that one too.

Easter has been filled with numerous beverages and copious amounts of chocolate, so the next week or so may see myself attempting an exercise binge of sorts. Taking stairs rather than lifts, walking 5 minutes rather than get a :)

The live tournament i took part in was a deep stacked shoot. Unfortunately after winning a race i got so excited i spewed off my chips rsng and calling short stack shoves with k7 and the mighty ducks, getting crippled in the process.I then ran a10 into aq and 73 into a cple of big aces. Not my finest moment but i certainly enjoyed the rollercoaster, and actually learnt a few things.

The US Masters wasn't the money spinner id hoped for, a couple of my runners missing out on big priced place pay outs. The worst thing was the winner being Angel Caberra. A week before i'd backed the stocky one in a much weaker field at 150s, amd he'd peformed abysmally. So despite backing 699 players at Augusta, i left out the crucial money spinner, big game player and all that....ooops.

This week i'll be grinding stts like a demon, im hoping to get a roll together for manc GUKPT week, all within strict roll management of crse!

Thats the end of 100, 101 next peeps, laters.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cash games and rocking up....

I've finally started playing...and winning in cash games. For years it's only been something that i have stumbled into after a losing tournie and copius amounts of alcohol. The combination of tilt and booze never quite worked and more often than not i left the felt potlesss. Since i have started seriously managing my bankroll i have been looking into ways to maximise my edge and minimise my risk. Cash games have managed to supply both.

This past weekend i decided to visit the international and play their weekend freezeout. With a reasonable clock and 8k in chips i expected to put up a decent effort. What happened was a triple barrell bluff being picked off and a large race lost, and thus an early bath. Rather than wash myself i decided to play the small cash game running next to the tournament. This was so soft i couldn't believe my eyes. Candy from babies and all that, wow these players really wanted to donate. Oh and i ran good too.

Went back last night too and registered another reasonable profit from the game. I think the combo of a sober dom and a non tilting post-tournament version might actually do quite well from these games u know! Im still grinding the stts online meanwhile as it's a pretty easy way to keep the roll ticking over during the daytime. Soon enough i hope to be back in the bigger games, all with sound roll management of crse.

Happy easter in advance everyone. Laters peeps.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Smaller Stakes...

This week has seen me sampling out smaller stake online tournies, while also playing a small live event. At least nobody can accuse of me not trying to build a roll again, rather than continuously firing shots at bigger events. No norweigian champs for me im afraid steve, thanks for the comments, but im afarid the roll must come first nowadays. Im sure ill be at dtd soon enough for one of their great events anyway.

Ive been sampling the ipoker mtts recently. Some of the structures are mega deep and have quite a bit of value, i still hate the software tho, it really sucks. Managed to make 3 final tables out of like ten attempts, so im quite pleased with the strike rate too, of crse the beats have stopped me getting the top money, but no matter.

Last night i went along to the international for their thursday night event. Smaller buyins like this may be my immediate future, and if so ill make sure i bring the ipod. Some of the idiotic comments you hear at this level are quite amazing, and as for the play, well its creative i guess. As i departed after 4 levels, i reflected upon a hand or 2 misplayed somewhat, but mainly by my opponents.

I sound rather bitter at the moment, its not that i hate grinding, i just hate grinding! :)

Laters peeps,