Monday, 30 March 2009

Shots and feeling bad...

The last few weeks have seen me take more shots than either Fernando Torres playing against West Brom, or an over zealous soldier on his first day at target practise. I feel i still believe i have a huge bankroll sometimes, and i don't anymore.

The conclusion from these various attempts are threesome:

- Firstly, i feel i can compete easily at all tournie levels on the Uk scene.
- Secondly, the average player in tournaments is appaulling.
- Thirdly, and by far the most limited, devestated roll...needs much work before i can consistently play again at these levels.

Basically im just not rolled for the event's ive been playing. Obviously im not completely stupid and have been selling pieces of myself in events over 300 quid, however even then i really shouldnt be playing. Putting too much of my own 'hard earned' cash at risk without using sound bankroll management has caused me no end of problems. Well from now on, as Take That once said...everything changes.


I'm only going to play in live tournaments where i have 100 times the amount i personally buy in for, in my bankroll, unless there is added money, where i will allow myself 50 times this amount, or if i manage to get in from a sat. Obviously the rule will apply to sats as well, so i wont be playing the larger wsop sats for a bit, which will be annoying.

I will more loosely apply the same principle to online play/mtts. I wont stop myself playing in a 100 dollar mtt once in a while because i dont have say $10k online, i'll just play them far less often. Like ant's comment said, 30-50 buyins online sounds better-i agree. Live play has so many more expenses associated with their events like hotels etc, which is why i have to be more careful.

Overall this is all basic, nitty roll management, which lots of my mates follow, it's just never been my stlye. But they all seem to have cash and i don't.

As for the week in the vic, i managed one measly cash after a varied performance by yours truely. I loved many of my plays, and hated a few too. But its all a work in progress. It's the norweigian champs in dtd this week, but i think the buy ins might be a little big for the new nitty dom. Best get on the grind, saturday's 250 event is a few days away...25k in the roll and i'll play it.

Ok laters peeps,



Ant040689 said...

Good to see you have things under control. I need to do the same assesment of my own bankroll and how i use it, but i am delaying it until the new laptop arrives. The 100th or your BR buy in rule sounds nifty and i will be doing the same, but for online the rule will be at any one time i am not allowed to be wagering over 100buyins.

So if the BR is at £100,000 i will be limiting myself to 10 tables of 100nl. Hmm having doubts alredy, i think a 30-50 buy in rule will apply online lol.

Good luck dude.

Dom said...

Ive just realised the rules ive just stated are too much myself mate. They wont suit my style nor will i have any fun being such a grinder. Am gonna change the online one, tbh thats never been where the problem with my shots really are. Ok the odd ftops event ill go a lil crazy, but the main leaks are the 500,1k live events im buying in for.

Yeah gonna edit.

Cya soon ant.

Steve H. said...

Cor, wish I had a bankroll of £100,000 I'd be in Vegas for 3 months if I did.. Seriously though Dom, There's more people out there struggling than you think, none of us want to admit that we're losers so we (most of us anyway) who play the circut week in week out delude ourselves that we will cash in the next tourney, we all like to think that we've got brm in place but the truth is that if your three mates are going to dtd to play the £250 on saturday and youve only got a monkey in your pocket do you really think you would stay at home with a £100 pot down the road? I know I wouldnt have that dicilpline - it's a little diff though once you start paying out the £550 and £1060 this is where I'm very strict in as much if I dont cash in a side event then I dont play the main. Anyway I've waffled on for far too long, gl mate and see you Saturday. ;-)

Steve H. said...

It's meant to say a £100k pot down the road. soz

Ukgatsby said...

BRM sorted
just stay off the shots and youre laughing. gl gl