Sunday, 8 March 2009


Sorry stakers, no return this time.

Out in 20th barely half an hour into day2. Simple really, dribbled down to 12k halfway through the 8-1600 level, there was only literally one other spot i cld really have shoved in earlier. Folded round to me in the coff i decided to bin q7 std when i prolly shlda shoved in 16k. Eventually stuck my 12k in utg with 55 utg only to be called by the btns-also quite short stacked's aj. Pretty bad call imo with the blinds still to act and considering it was the only hand id played etc in 30 mins. Still bad calls r normally rewarded against me and the brd paired on the river to send me out. GG etc.

Felt i played gr8, maybe 1 or 2 hands i'd change, but hey its hard to play perfect, and u kinda need to win the 80 percent shots in big pots. Think ill be hitting a nice 1 soon, im feeling great about my game, variance is just a killer.

Laters peeps,


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AlexB said...

So frustrated for you m8, try and remain positive as your time edges nearer and nearer :-)