Monday, 2 March 2009

New month, new start...

Walsall gukpt for me was a non starter really. Again i've shown that in little pots i can more than compete, once those pots start to build i lose my head. Lesson hopefully learnt. One hand i think sums up how badly i played was in a side event. AdKd i raise it up with a big stack. Am called by woody deck in sb and bbb calls too. Flop 234 1 diamond, all ckd. Turn is 5 of diamonds. Woody deck again severly overbets pot commiting most of his 7k stack into a 500 odd pot?? WTF? Anyway i hero with donk end of straight an dnut redraw, wrong odds, wrong everything. Of crse his 6 holds and i'm crippled and bleed to an early exit.

But as the title says new month new start. So no more whinging just positive thoughts.
Well done to sunny chatta for shippping the main event, well deserved. Also congrats to steve holden for his final appearance, just gotta win those flips and who knows eh bud. You'll ship a main soon too i reckon.

I'll be at the international this week 4 thir festival, shld be good.

Laters peeps,



Ant040689 said...

hey dude, nice blog. I have been introduced to you before at the cpc in november when you sat down at my table in the main event there. You metioned how you saw loads of scandies at your table getting away with talking in a foreign language, but all of a sudden, when a Geordie at the table starts speaking, he gets told by the dealer to speak in English. Priceless. How did you fare in that tourney anyway? You saw my AQ get crucified by AJ, how annoying. I may see you tomorrow at the international, will say hello if i do, will be playing the £250 side event.

AlexB said...

GL at International m8 - as always, rooting for your next big score :-)

Dom said...

Hi ant.

Yeah that geordie comment was pretty funny! The poor guys face when the dealer said that was worth the trip alone.

May cu at the international tonight, should be a good one.

Hi alex, thanks for the if u cld just root 4 me not to lose my head in a big pot, that wld be good too! :)