Saturday, 7 March 2009

Main event

Well im still in...just.

Played some great poker and really pretty damn proud with myself, but ill be returning with a bowl of just under 20k sunday at 3, mainly due to the last hand.

After finding a lovely initial table with little 3 betting and 4 bets unheard of i eased my stack up to 28k from 10 by the dinner break. Finding some nice spots to steal and some nice cards on decent flops all helped.

Then nightmare scenario as a huge lag with pos joined our table and started 3betting peeps like me for fun. I snugged up and finally played a bootiful stack defining pot with him.

LAG raised again UTG, then a shortie shoved blind, a medium stack isolated i believe with qq, commiting half of his stack, i find aa in the bb. I insta shove for a variety of reasons, im amazed and overjoyed to see the lag call of 80 percent of his stack, blinds with 150-300 or something, hed put in 800 yet called my 25k shove instantly with ak...claiming, im never folding that there. Appaulling call in my book and for once i scooop after qq dwell folds, tbh think he was commited and shld prob call here too.

Anyway i move up to 50k swinging up to 65k at times, b4 dropping to 40k at others. By the end of the night and the last hand i get involved in a 70k pot. Sitting on about 55k ish i donk allin over the top of a pretty tightish players oop rse with jj. Id developed a somewhat aggro image by now and was looking to exploit this against lesser pairs. He finally called with 99 and hit runner runner 4 the straight and a 70k pot.

So im going back with 20k with blinds at 800-1600 and a 200 ante, and 21 left. Im in shove mode but if i can double up quickly im right back in this.

Sleep time,

Laters peeps,



DungBeetle said...

Good luck for today Dom - you deserve a bit of variance to go your way in one of these bigger tournies.

James (Magical Mystery Poker Tour)

Steve H. said...

you can do it mate... take it down ;-)