Saturday, 21 March 2009

Made day 2 in the 500...

Well i made day 2 of the 500 and am in the money. 15 of us left and the bubble burst on the last hand of the night. £800 guaranteed so far, all the way up to £25k for first.

161 players took part in the double chance event with 8000 chips each and a nice smooth 45 minute structure. Tbh the clicky factor you always see in the vic was there all night, prob a reason i only play festivals there. Got in a few dom special arguments and played some bad, good and average poker. I had kings cracked twice and picked up queens on numerous occasions, esp when times were tough.

With the average at 85k my 45k stack needs a double up going into the 2000-4000+300 ante level. However once that's done, im gunning for the jackpot. Best get some sleep.

Laters peeps,


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Steve H. said...

Pull your finger out and take this down, your freerolling now mate..
"No Fear" Nigel Benn