Thursday, 19 March 2009

London poker tour 300 event...

I and 30 others attended wednesday's 300 pound event sponsored by The field was full of circuit regulars, with sharks and fish mixing it up together. My starting table was pretty passive but i didn't accumulate as quickly as i'd have liked. Despite picking up aces and kings twice each in the first level I was unable to really get a flow going. Having the aces cracked when i flopped a set probably didnt help either, the rather loose button binking his gutshot. Eventually two tables out i got sapianoed and that was that.

I disnt bother with the 300 tonight in the vic for a few reasons. Mainly i was too lazy to sign up in time, and they sold out hours in advance, with two hours to go a mate texted me that there were 50 alternates...erm i'll leave that then. It means ill be able to prepare for saturday's 500, and i should be fresh and raring to go come the weekend. I think i'll do a long online sesh tmrw and get my stt game going again, its free money basically, i just find it dull.

I've enjoyed watching the darts tonight while my gf is out and about, a rare treat as normally she wont have it on-cant stand the bellies- so it's a case of checking out the highlights the next day or something. Can't really complain as i do monopolise the television viewing with sport being shown at all hours. Just need taylor to beat part 8-3, 8-4 here, it's 6-3 as i speak...nerves a jangling!

Laters peeps,


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