Wednesday, 4 March 2009

International week....

Im really looking forward to experiencing the international's first festival week, which starts for me tonight with the £250 f/o. The atmosphere at the gutshot's fetival events was always buzzing, and this looks to be no different. Their main event is a cracking structure, but i'm not sure if i'll play that one, we'll see.

This week i'm cranking up the trading action, attempting to build a decent roll for cheltenham week which will be a liscence to print money. Next week is also the empire poker festival. It's a lucky casino for me, and im defending a chop in the 500 event from last year. This month is looking choka already what with the vics festival starting the week after that, poker poker poker, it''s driving me a nice way.

Went down the pub last nite for a few ales and to watch the liverpool game. Wasn't impressed by the scousers despite their victory, i really dont see how benitez keeps his job when they are just not progressing whatsoever. Gerrard really holds that rabble together, wish he'd have a breakdown and move to spurs...oh is that a pig outside flying?

On my knee injuury front it aint looking all that good. The specialist suspected it could be a cruciate injury, and i'm off for an mri scan soon. The sooner i get it sorted the better, even i lazy as i am wish i could get out and about a bit more. Walsall was tough as i was in a great deal of pain and masked it either with painkillers or alcohol....or both! Just kidding on that last bit.

Ok i best go get some volume into my stts, my results recently have suffered from variance in that area, break even at worst, but obv not good enough.

Ok laters peeps,


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