Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Gotta stop making those...

Tuesday night's £300+1add on/or 1rebuy event didn't exactly go to plan. By half eleven i was on the way home. My starting table was full of circuit regulars and provided a jolly, fun atmosphere. The usual Dom row would have to wait till if the table was broken or i was moved and perhaps that worked against me. I think i play better versus the ego maniacal types, they concentrate something in my brain perhaps i switch off when i actually like the ppl im playing.

The table was pretty passive bar two or 3 players, who were playing without premiums and thinking outside the range etc. I felt i was one of them early doors, raising with 34 oop and getting there on the river for 2 pair and the thin pay off. However, the key race i needed to win got chopped when the board held a straight. Win that pot and things could have been very different indeed. Instead i finished the break on a very average stack, thanks mainly to the add on.

A couple of hands occured against the opponent i almost stacked, after the break for the add ons. The check raise fold from the bb is not something i really want to be doing too often, certainly not with top pair-even if im beat. The very next hand against the same oppponent (a good solid player and top bloke) i made a slightly dubious flat in the sb with ksqs. A king hi flop with two rags and two clubs brought another check raise from yours truely, only to be yet again be stuck allin. Again i made another hero fold and was shown ak, but still i hate my play here. If i call pre i need to be never check folding here on this brd, check calling and reevaluating on further streets ftw i think.

My exit hand happened when i rsd l8 pos with 108 std and just under 20bbs. Joe grech new to the table in the bb called and check rsd me allin on the j92 brd with jq, i wasnt folding here but missed. So im now funking for a 5% swop i made as theres about 100k in the prizepool, get it won my 5% please:)

The conclusion from this tournament is that i played too passively overall and allowed myself to get into bad situations i didnt need to be in. I will try my very best not to allow this to happen again, certainly not in £300+ events.

Tommorow will include a visit to the dentist, followed by a £250 sat to the main. Hopefully neither experience will be like pulling teeth. Im desp to play the main event as i must make a mate pay up the 5/1 bet hes laid me on making day2 in this 1, im not going 0/10!

Laters peeps,



damita said...

Poker has recently become very popular. With the televising of multi-million dollar tournaments, many new players have entered the game. With all the hoopla it is easy to forget poker is meant to be fun.

dalzini said...

LOL at the above post

Anonymous said...

ditto yours chap.
was fun playing, hope you get to make the main event, i play tomorrow...
gl & bye for now

AlexB said...

Who the Fk is damita lmfao using ur blog like that, shocking!! GL in getting in to the main m8. And when u do ffs get to day 2!!!!! :-)

TEAMDOBB said...

moderate ya comments mate for damita diks or theyll plague ya

gl in main