Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Empire festival...

As alexander the meercat would say...simples.

This week i shall be mostly playing the empire poker festival in london, obv it's my lucky casino. And i've cashed in the first event i've played already. Just busted in 7th for a bag of sand in the £200 event. Became a complete shoot in the end with my ah2h no good v jj. Actually dished out two suck outs in the tournie hitting 3 outers with aplomb both times. Gotta happen eventually, so no complaints here. Was pretty cardead all night and was bumping and grinding, stealing from all positions. Im hugely happy with how i played.

After cashing in i bought in for the 500 two day event which i chopped last year, so glad im able to play it, lovely structure with an average player soooooo poor. I should fit in very well :)

Cheltenham first two days has been a real rollercoaster, ive had lots of winners, but my bad staking plan means im only about level going into day 3. Loving the racing so far though, gotta go one of these days too to the festival, the guiness would flow beautifully!

Ok peeps im pretty whacked so thats about it,




Sunny said...

glglglglgl may see you down there although I havent slept all night =(

dalzini said...

Nice one Dom, dont forget them suckouts when u get sucked out on next ;)

Hope you run well in the monkey