Friday, 13 March 2009

Day1 done...onto day 2...

I've made day 2 of the 500 f/o down the empire. Am sitting with 38k just on average with 24 left and 1/2000 blinds +100 antes. 16K ftw is nice.

Early on i ran aa v ak against steve holden on an ak flop which is always going in on that flop. I then dribbled my double up down to average with james aikenhead running the table. I had position on the guy but he was taking all my moves away from me, finally i decided to start 3 betting him light. Then he 4bets me...prob light as well!

I persist with a few 3bets and start to get a few throuh picking up some smallish pots. The table is broken and im happy to move to a much more passive table. I dish out a suck out to a small stack with 99 v jj, revenge for the int main anyway, tho diff player...oops. Then i pick up pot after pot as ppl aren't playing back at me. Unfortunately im now moved to a much tougher table where the dynamic is totally diff.

I notice one guy is open rsng from l8 pos a bit too much, so i 3bet him lite getting him to dwell fold a better than av hand id def say. Then i 'sqze a mass overbet thru getting ak to fold...with ak. After that i rock up as its becoming an allin fest with ppl gambling not wanting to return with bowl tmrw, of crse im now cardead.

Win a couple of small pots late on and am happy with how the day has gone. Gonna do a few chelt bets before rushing off for a 3pm start.

Laters peeps,


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