Friday, 13 March 2009

Close but no....

Oh dear another close one to a big cash, and yet another fail, in fact two in one day.

Ok, so firstly i return to play day 2 of the 500 quid event with 23 left and im full of confidence. A few shorties shove and lose, finding us quickly down to 2 tables with my stack slightly shorter on 34k. My new table includes a who's who of the Uk poker scene and spots will be tough to find here. I decide therefore ill up the aggro factor as i want to get a stack to bully the bullies. Unfortunately i bust on the first hand i play at the new table.

Folded round to the button im not surprised to see the slightly lag btn rse the 1-2000 blinds to 6k. Seeing as8s i insta shove my 34k stack into the middle, paul parker then stands up and declares 'the chances of him folding are like 1%'. I ask him then to stick the chips in asap please and not slow roll me :) He does so and the button insta folds ak, the same hand Mr Parker has. The board pairs and creates a poss chop with a third nine on the turn, but the river blanks. So am i right to shove here? Opinions welcome.

So far most of my tighter fellow players insist i should find a better spot as im only getting called by a better ace or flipping etc, and my shove is in essence a guess etc. However my more aggro fellow players agree that increasing my stack by 33% odd means this is a standard shove.

I find myself somewhere in the middle. Although tbh im prob still in the latter camp although my confidence in this did take somewhat of a battering. One of my former table mates later informed me as i was ko'd a certain pro declared my shove ludicrous and that most of the table agreed. Id never think it was ludicrous tbh, reckless perhaps. Anyway moving on...

Decided to play the 100 rebuy event which started at 7pm. My starting table was extremely weak and i played most hands early on binking streets and playing goood. Without a rebuy i held 12k, but i added on the 3k just for the hell of it.

After the break a few better players were added to the table and as the cards dried up so did the spots to get jiggy. However, i chose a ridic spot to jig it up, halving my stack in one fowl swoop. A very conservative player rsd my bb from the sb, i looked down at a10o and rrsd his 1200 bet to 3300, blinds 2-400 antes 25. He then pretty much auto shoved for another 6k and i felt commited to pay off his cowboys. I almost binked a flush but missed and my golden days seemed over.

Finally we were moved to the upstairs bar when we were down to 5 tables. I prodded my 7k bowl around for a while, eventually managing to get down to 20 odd players left and 10bbs. I open shoved my qjo from the coff only to see aa in the sb. Get it won lofty u lucky fish! :)

Overall im happy with my play again for 95% of both tournies. Maybe i need to just either run bettter or tweak a few things. Either way this weekend im having a few days off and shall return next week for the london gukpt at the vic.

Time to go peeps.



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dalzini said...

I am quite on the fence with it to be honest mate. I think its all dependent on your overall image at the table, I mean if people think you are aggro then the button might even look you up with A10 or something if Parker doesnt wake up with a hand.

People are always critical in hindsight, if Parker wakes up with 6 2 in the BB and the button is on the steal with KQ or worse then its a great move as you increase your stack well.

I do always prefer seeing people do this move with suited connectors and the likes when they have fold equity, because when people look you up you will be drawing to 3 outs the majority of the time.

Calling the move ludicrous to me is people living in the stone age of poker, I think a lot of online players make this move, if BB passes then the button is getting around 6/4 (quick estimate if there are no antes) and he needs a solid holding to make the call. If you have him as very LAG on button and his range is huge then I cant see how people can claim its ludicrous.