Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bankroll management...

I often think that I am to bankroll management what Mcdonalds is to diets. And i like the odd double cheese too, anyway i'll move on.

The last couple of weeks have seen me taking a few shots which have hit the bar, and while hitting the bar afterwards i've been left musing.

Variance is the real killer in this game and i need to start being more protective of my roll. Recently i've built it up from nothing with ease to be honest. Unfortunately moving up the levels is where i fall short. I just jump up without caring of the consequences.

What the last couple of weeks have taught me is that i must be more careful with entry fees, 500 quid events for example can only be played when i sell enough to justify it.

Tonight i played some crypto tournies for one of the last times ever and it was quite emotional. The crypto river was in full force, nailing 2 outers on me a few times. Busting 4 tournies-3 while deep- was tough, but winning the 5th was sweet. One of my fave late night tournies 'the insomniacs' involves a deep stack with a better than average player. Obv as i won it tonight the standard dropped a little. Still 900 bucks all helps with the poker coming up.

This week ill be playing a couple of events on the london scene. The gukpt vic festival looks juicy but pricey. So ill have to sell some action, and will post accordingly.

Ok peeps thats about it,



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