Monday, 23 March 2009

Another bowl of......

Recently I have been going very deep in every tournament I am playing, yet i seem to either just miss the money or pick up a bowl of rice. Therefore, although very happy with my overall play right now, the odd tweak may need to be applied in future events, and luckily i beleive i may just have figured out what is holding me back. Firstly here's a tournament report from the Gukpt Vic £500 side event i played this weekend.

After selling half my action by kick off i felt good, not only in the continued faith being shown in me, but in my game as a whole. However, the first hour and a half of the 8,000 chip 45 min double chance tournie almost felted me. My starting table was gen weak, yet alberts prescence created a strange dynamic.

A good young player got caught bluffing once too many times and took an early bath while i was folding for england. Eventually i got frustrated with the 49o and j2's, so i started bleed limping with filth. So much so i bled off half my stack. Then i nearly/should have went busto in a sb bb confrontation with a top pr flush draw flop. I hero'd a strange river only to see my oppo's fellow missed draw hit the straight. Down to a bowl i managed to get the fish of the table to call off his whole stack with q10o versus my ackc preflop. My flush overkilling the hand, but giving me a chance going into the break.

Returning from the break things changed and i started to win numerous small pots putting me bang on average when all of a sudden as the bb i was moved tables. 'Brilliant' I thought as i noticed Nick Pesaud had immed position on me, somebody who always seems to do well when we battle. Luckily the rest of the table appeared gen spewmeisters, so if only i could KO Nicky boy.

This actually happened when i played a hand a lil dubiously. A young scandi who seemed to open lite raised oop, with a stack covering myself and Nick. I flatted with 77 in the sb fully expecting to Nick to either peel or squeeze. He chose the latter raising to 1700 the 525 open rse, with blinds at 1-200 and about 5k behind. I had about 9k total and was glad to see the scandi dwell fold.

Now this situation is a tricky one for me. If i play this hand online and i feel this is a squeeze i insta shove. Here i did feel likewise, yet didnt fancy a push. I know the math tells me its a shove or fold and most flops arent going to like my hand oop v a very tricky player. But sometimes other considerations dictate, and i peeled a flop off. The 943 rain brd had me hooked aand i ck rsd him all and his A10 missed. Tbh on gen reflection pre flop i shoulda shipped, but i dont always agree u have to play a certain way, yet can cert see how it appears yucky.

From here on I built my stack up with few troubles bar verbal sparring with some rather rude middle aged gents whom i took instant dislikings too. A hand where i held qq in the bb caused a gen uproar and i had to compose myself after general behaviour left me wondering why i bother with this game at times. Still being "Dom the King of Kings of arguments" i more than held my own and managed to get one fishy to stick all his chips in with 2 outs for a huge pot. He binked and even gave me a bit of a rub down, lovely. Lost another huge pot with cowboys again soon after, versus the mighty j9std, although this foe was a much more jolly type who played the game with a smile, and thus it hurt a lil less.

I never gave up the ghost despite the beats and managed to end day1 with 46k and 30k under average when the bubble burst on the final hand of the day. So with 15 left i was guaranteed 800 snarlers and a further day of sparring to look forward to. Not sleeping until 7am is not the best of prep i kno, but if i cant sleep, i cant sleep.

Returning at 2pm sunday i watched two players get ko'd before i shipped in my chips with little over 10bbs and fold equity from the coff with a5. The extremely annoying bb snapped with qq and i failed to dish out a beat of my own. Another bowl...another day. Was pleased to see the man in form Sunny Chatta chop the thing and being the degen i am, i snuck off to the £30 fo over at the international that night. Of crse i spewed all over that shoot but had a laugh at some interesting antics from the lower stake players.

I'll be taking a break today and giving the £200 unlimited rebuy a wide berth tonight. Tommorow i'm entered in the £300 one rebuy OR add on event and have also bought in for the 250 sat on wednesday.

I have been selling percntages recently for events with hardly any mark up. After seeing the gen standard in the vic this week and the costly prices of late night london cabs, i wont be selling so low for this 1. If anyone is interested i will be selling percentages for tuesdays event but it will be at 1.3, which i believe is still a more than fair price. So as i'll def do the rebuy/add on it's basically a £600 event and thus a 10% block will sell at £78.

Anyway that's about all she wrote. In other news i had another nice score on the golf at the weekend, it's something that i may start taking much more seriously before long. Seems less variance than in poker, if less fun.

Laters peeps,


Ps The tweaks i need to apply to my game are all about value. That's all im saying :)

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