Wednesday, 4 March 2009

250 F/O Report

Ok so 1 down and 1 early bust out.

My starting table included jerome bradpeice, albert sapiano and a couple of young movers and shakers. Joe grech soon joined in and i had an intersting table to take on. I played quite tight for once and didn't get involved in any real crazyness bar when i had something, in fact i was a bit of a gibraltor all night. Funnily enough i picked up qq twice and ak 3 times, the queens winning smallish pots both times, the ak cracked on each occasion. Basically i cldnt win a race and that was all she wrote. Was a nice prizepool with 130+runners and a 9.5k first prize. Next tournie...

May play the 150 tmrw but am not sure as id like to concentrate on satting into the 500 main on saturday, which looks full of value.

Laters peeps,


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