Friday, 6 March 2009

150 FO Report

Another tournie, another dissapointment.

140 runners took to the felt for this little tournie, lots of value was apparent. Limping like pensioners, the average player shouln't have been playing 150p tournies, let alone quid. I managed to finish 19th myself and played pretty damn well bar in a couple of spots late on. After finally gaining a nice 40k stack with 40 left, i went completely situation dead, id been card dead all evening-but who cares about that. I just needed spots to exploit, but none really appeared with constant allins frustrating any moves id planned.

When the structure had become shooty i make a bad lay down l8 on with a8 in the bb. A loud arrogant young guy rsd 4x my bb from the coff, with the shooty structure its a shove most of the time, yet i folded after a dwell only to be shown 63. Myv reason for folding was the fact he hadn't played many hands at all in like the whole time (30 mins or so) he'd been at my table.

Another potential spot was when with 10bbs utg i folded 44, thin spot but i think i shld have gambled with 21 left. Eventually i was forced to shove kq running in2 aq and without a suck out i was on the rail. Played well with only 99 as a half decent pp all night, ak did help a cple of times tho.

Can't decide whether or not to play the main right now. Im not rolled for 500 events so cant buy in, but may try to sat in and failing that might sell percentages. Id have to sell 50 percent to play, and cos i live in london they r no real expenses so ill sell at face value. **Have sold 10 percent and am looking to shift another 40 percent, in 10 percent blocks it will be 55 quid a block. Let me kno asap if yr interested as event starts tmrw.

** EDIT Now sold all the 50%, thank you ppl.
Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

UL in 150fo m8 but hopefully you'll get your suckouts when deep in the 500 when it could really count for a decent payday :-)


Steve H. said...

Chin up buddy.. just relax and play the game you were at 18 months ago.. chill out and enjoy your game..

Dom said...

Cheers alex, im anticipating sucking out big style in the main :)

Im chilled steve, prob dsnt come across in the posts so much, but im chilled....honest

TBH my game 18 months ago was much worse than it is now, i just ran better.