Monday, 30 March 2009

Shots and feeling bad...

The last few weeks have seen me take more shots than either Fernando Torres playing against West Brom, or an over zealous soldier on his first day at target practise. I feel i still believe i have a huge bankroll sometimes, and i don't anymore.

The conclusion from these various attempts are threesome:

- Firstly, i feel i can compete easily at all tournie levels on the Uk scene.
- Secondly, the average player in tournaments is appaulling.
- Thirdly, and by far the most limited, devestated roll...needs much work before i can consistently play again at these levels.

Basically im just not rolled for the event's ive been playing. Obviously im not completely stupid and have been selling pieces of myself in events over 300 quid, however even then i really shouldnt be playing. Putting too much of my own 'hard earned' cash at risk without using sound bankroll management has caused me no end of problems. Well from now on, as Take That once said...everything changes.


I'm only going to play in live tournaments where i have 100 times the amount i personally buy in for, in my bankroll, unless there is added money, where i will allow myself 50 times this amount, or if i manage to get in from a sat. Obviously the rule will apply to sats as well, so i wont be playing the larger wsop sats for a bit, which will be annoying.

I will more loosely apply the same principle to online play/mtts. I wont stop myself playing in a 100 dollar mtt once in a while because i dont have say $10k online, i'll just play them far less often. Like ant's comment said, 30-50 buyins online sounds better-i agree. Live play has so many more expenses associated with their events like hotels etc, which is why i have to be more careful.

Overall this is all basic, nitty roll management, which lots of my mates follow, it's just never been my stlye. But they all seem to have cash and i don't.

As for the week in the vic, i managed one measly cash after a varied performance by yours truely. I loved many of my plays, and hated a few too. But its all a work in progress. It's the norweigian champs in dtd this week, but i think the buy ins might be a little big for the new nitty dom. Best get on the grind, saturday's 250 event is a few days away...25k in the roll and i'll play it.

Ok laters peeps,


Sunday, 29 March 2009

0/ it's a joke...

I played the gukpt london day1b on friday. I busted around 6pm after seeing my queens's cracked as my aces had been previously. Will do a summary of how the week went as a whole and a more indepth look at things tmrw. Right now i'm watching the updates and wishing Chaz Chatta all the best of luck of the final tabalists. Personally though, just making day2 would be an acheievement for me.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Gotta stop making those...

Tuesday night's £300+1add on/or 1rebuy event didn't exactly go to plan. By half eleven i was on the way home. My starting table was full of circuit regulars and provided a jolly, fun atmosphere. The usual Dom row would have to wait till if the table was broken or i was moved and perhaps that worked against me. I think i play better versus the ego maniacal types, they concentrate something in my brain perhaps i switch off when i actually like the ppl im playing.

The table was pretty passive bar two or 3 players, who were playing without premiums and thinking outside the range etc. I felt i was one of them early doors, raising with 34 oop and getting there on the river for 2 pair and the thin pay off. However, the key race i needed to win got chopped when the board held a straight. Win that pot and things could have been very different indeed. Instead i finished the break on a very average stack, thanks mainly to the add on.

A couple of hands occured against the opponent i almost stacked, after the break for the add ons. The check raise fold from the bb is not something i really want to be doing too often, certainly not with top pair-even if im beat. The very next hand against the same oppponent (a good solid player and top bloke) i made a slightly dubious flat in the sb with ksqs. A king hi flop with two rags and two clubs brought another check raise from yours truely, only to be yet again be stuck allin. Again i made another hero fold and was shown ak, but still i hate my play here. If i call pre i need to be never check folding here on this brd, check calling and reevaluating on further streets ftw i think.

My exit hand happened when i rsd l8 pos with 108 std and just under 20bbs. Joe grech new to the table in the bb called and check rsd me allin on the j92 brd with jq, i wasnt folding here but missed. So im now funking for a 5% swop i made as theres about 100k in the prizepool, get it won my 5% please:)

The conclusion from this tournament is that i played too passively overall and allowed myself to get into bad situations i didnt need to be in. I will try my very best not to allow this to happen again, certainly not in £300+ events.

Tommorow will include a visit to the dentist, followed by a £250 sat to the main. Hopefully neither experience will be like pulling teeth. Im desp to play the main event as i must make a mate pay up the 5/1 bet hes laid me on making day2 in this 1, im not going 0/10!

Laters peeps,


Monday, 23 March 2009

Another bowl of......

Recently I have been going very deep in every tournament I am playing, yet i seem to either just miss the money or pick up a bowl of rice. Therefore, although very happy with my overall play right now, the odd tweak may need to be applied in future events, and luckily i beleive i may just have figured out what is holding me back. Firstly here's a tournament report from the Gukpt Vic £500 side event i played this weekend.

After selling half my action by kick off i felt good, not only in the continued faith being shown in me, but in my game as a whole. However, the first hour and a half of the 8,000 chip 45 min double chance tournie almost felted me. My starting table was gen weak, yet alberts prescence created a strange dynamic.

A good young player got caught bluffing once too many times and took an early bath while i was folding for england. Eventually i got frustrated with the 49o and j2's, so i started bleed limping with filth. So much so i bled off half my stack. Then i nearly/should have went busto in a sb bb confrontation with a top pr flush draw flop. I hero'd a strange river only to see my oppo's fellow missed draw hit the straight. Down to a bowl i managed to get the fish of the table to call off his whole stack with q10o versus my ackc preflop. My flush overkilling the hand, but giving me a chance going into the break.

Returning from the break things changed and i started to win numerous small pots putting me bang on average when all of a sudden as the bb i was moved tables. 'Brilliant' I thought as i noticed Nick Pesaud had immed position on me, somebody who always seems to do well when we battle. Luckily the rest of the table appeared gen spewmeisters, so if only i could KO Nicky boy.

This actually happened when i played a hand a lil dubiously. A young scandi who seemed to open lite raised oop, with a stack covering myself and Nick. I flatted with 77 in the sb fully expecting to Nick to either peel or squeeze. He chose the latter raising to 1700 the 525 open rse, with blinds at 1-200 and about 5k behind. I had about 9k total and was glad to see the scandi dwell fold.

Now this situation is a tricky one for me. If i play this hand online and i feel this is a squeeze i insta shove. Here i did feel likewise, yet didnt fancy a push. I know the math tells me its a shove or fold and most flops arent going to like my hand oop v a very tricky player. But sometimes other considerations dictate, and i peeled a flop off. The 943 rain brd had me hooked aand i ck rsd him all and his A10 missed. Tbh on gen reflection pre flop i shoulda shipped, but i dont always agree u have to play a certain way, yet can cert see how it appears yucky.

From here on I built my stack up with few troubles bar verbal sparring with some rather rude middle aged gents whom i took instant dislikings too. A hand where i held qq in the bb caused a gen uproar and i had to compose myself after general behaviour left me wondering why i bother with this game at times. Still being "Dom the King of Kings of arguments" i more than held my own and managed to get one fishy to stick all his chips in with 2 outs for a huge pot. He binked and even gave me a bit of a rub down, lovely. Lost another huge pot with cowboys again soon after, versus the mighty j9std, although this foe was a much more jolly type who played the game with a smile, and thus it hurt a lil less.

I never gave up the ghost despite the beats and managed to end day1 with 46k and 30k under average when the bubble burst on the final hand of the day. So with 15 left i was guaranteed 800 snarlers and a further day of sparring to look forward to. Not sleeping until 7am is not the best of prep i kno, but if i cant sleep, i cant sleep.

Returning at 2pm sunday i watched two players get ko'd before i shipped in my chips with little over 10bbs and fold equity from the coff with a5. The extremely annoying bb snapped with qq and i failed to dish out a beat of my own. Another bowl...another day. Was pleased to see the man in form Sunny Chatta chop the thing and being the degen i am, i snuck off to the £30 fo over at the international that night. Of crse i spewed all over that shoot but had a laugh at some interesting antics from the lower stake players.

I'll be taking a break today and giving the £200 unlimited rebuy a wide berth tonight. Tommorow i'm entered in the £300 one rebuy OR add on event and have also bought in for the 250 sat on wednesday.

I have been selling percntages recently for events with hardly any mark up. After seeing the gen standard in the vic this week and the costly prices of late night london cabs, i wont be selling so low for this 1. If anyone is interested i will be selling percentages for tuesdays event but it will be at 1.3, which i believe is still a more than fair price. So as i'll def do the rebuy/add on it's basically a £600 event and thus a 10% block will sell at £78.

Anyway that's about all she wrote. In other news i had another nice score on the golf at the weekend, it's something that i may start taking much more seriously before long. Seems less variance than in poker, if less fun.

Laters peeps,


Ps The tweaks i need to apply to my game are all about value. That's all im saying :)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Made day 2 in the 500...

Well i made day 2 of the 500 and am in the money. 15 of us left and the bubble burst on the last hand of the night. £800 guaranteed so far, all the way up to £25k for first.

161 players took part in the double chance event with 8000 chips each and a nice smooth 45 minute structure. Tbh the clicky factor you always see in the vic was there all night, prob a reason i only play festivals there. Got in a few dom special arguments and played some bad, good and average poker. I had kings cracked twice and picked up queens on numerous occasions, esp when times were tough.

With the average at 85k my 45k stack needs a double up going into the 2000-4000+300 ante level. However once that's done, im gunning for the jackpot. Best get some sleep.

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 19 March 2009

London poker tour 300 event...

I and 30 others attended wednesday's 300 pound event sponsored by The field was full of circuit regulars, with sharks and fish mixing it up together. My starting table was pretty passive but i didn't accumulate as quickly as i'd have liked. Despite picking up aces and kings twice each in the first level I was unable to really get a flow going. Having the aces cracked when i flopped a set probably didnt help either, the rather loose button binking his gutshot. Eventually two tables out i got sapianoed and that was that.

I disnt bother with the 300 tonight in the vic for a few reasons. Mainly i was too lazy to sign up in time, and they sold out hours in advance, with two hours to go a mate texted me that there were 50 alternates...erm i'll leave that then. It means ill be able to prepare for saturday's 500, and i should be fresh and raring to go come the weekend. I think i'll do a long online sesh tmrw and get my stt game going again, its free money basically, i just find it dull.

I've enjoyed watching the darts tonight while my gf is out and about, a rare treat as normally she wont have it on-cant stand the bellies- so it's a case of checking out the highlights the next day or something. Can't really complain as i do monopolise the television viewing with sport being shown at all hours. Just need taylor to beat part 8-3, 8-4 here, it's 6-3 as i speak...nerves a jangling!

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bankroll management...

I often think that I am to bankroll management what Mcdonalds is to diets. And i like the odd double cheese too, anyway i'll move on.

The last couple of weeks have seen me taking a few shots which have hit the bar, and while hitting the bar afterwards i've been left musing.

Variance is the real killer in this game and i need to start being more protective of my roll. Recently i've built it up from nothing with ease to be honest. Unfortunately moving up the levels is where i fall short. I just jump up without caring of the consequences.

What the last couple of weeks have taught me is that i must be more careful with entry fees, 500 quid events for example can only be played when i sell enough to justify it.

Tonight i played some crypto tournies for one of the last times ever and it was quite emotional. The crypto river was in full force, nailing 2 outers on me a few times. Busting 4 tournies-3 while deep- was tough, but winning the 5th was sweet. One of my fave late night tournies 'the insomniacs' involves a deep stack with a better than average player. Obv as i won it tonight the standard dropped a little. Still 900 bucks all helps with the poker coming up.

This week ill be playing a couple of events on the london scene. The gukpt vic festival looks juicy but pricey. So ill have to sell some action, and will post accordingly.

Ok peeps thats about it,



Friday, 13 March 2009

Close but no....

Oh dear another close one to a big cash, and yet another fail, in fact two in one day.

Ok, so firstly i return to play day 2 of the 500 quid event with 23 left and im full of confidence. A few shorties shove and lose, finding us quickly down to 2 tables with my stack slightly shorter on 34k. My new table includes a who's who of the Uk poker scene and spots will be tough to find here. I decide therefore ill up the aggro factor as i want to get a stack to bully the bullies. Unfortunately i bust on the first hand i play at the new table.

Folded round to the button im not surprised to see the slightly lag btn rse the 1-2000 blinds to 6k. Seeing as8s i insta shove my 34k stack into the middle, paul parker then stands up and declares 'the chances of him folding are like 1%'. I ask him then to stick the chips in asap please and not slow roll me :) He does so and the button insta folds ak, the same hand Mr Parker has. The board pairs and creates a poss chop with a third nine on the turn, but the river blanks. So am i right to shove here? Opinions welcome.

So far most of my tighter fellow players insist i should find a better spot as im only getting called by a better ace or flipping etc, and my shove is in essence a guess etc. However my more aggro fellow players agree that increasing my stack by 33% odd means this is a standard shove.

I find myself somewhere in the middle. Although tbh im prob still in the latter camp although my confidence in this did take somewhat of a battering. One of my former table mates later informed me as i was ko'd a certain pro declared my shove ludicrous and that most of the table agreed. Id never think it was ludicrous tbh, reckless perhaps. Anyway moving on...

Decided to play the 100 rebuy event which started at 7pm. My starting table was extremely weak and i played most hands early on binking streets and playing goood. Without a rebuy i held 12k, but i added on the 3k just for the hell of it.

After the break a few better players were added to the table and as the cards dried up so did the spots to get jiggy. However, i chose a ridic spot to jig it up, halving my stack in one fowl swoop. A very conservative player rsd my bb from the sb, i looked down at a10o and rrsd his 1200 bet to 3300, blinds 2-400 antes 25. He then pretty much auto shoved for another 6k and i felt commited to pay off his cowboys. I almost binked a flush but missed and my golden days seemed over.

Finally we were moved to the upstairs bar when we were down to 5 tables. I prodded my 7k bowl around for a while, eventually managing to get down to 20 odd players left and 10bbs. I open shoved my qjo from the coff only to see aa in the sb. Get it won lofty u lucky fish! :)

Overall im happy with my play again for 95% of both tournies. Maybe i need to just either run bettter or tweak a few things. Either way this weekend im having a few days off and shall return next week for the london gukpt at the vic.

Time to go peeps.



Day1 done...onto day 2...

I've made day 2 of the 500 f/o down the empire. Am sitting with 38k just on average with 24 left and 1/2000 blinds +100 antes. 16K ftw is nice.

Early on i ran aa v ak against steve holden on an ak flop which is always going in on that flop. I then dribbled my double up down to average with james aikenhead running the table. I had position on the guy but he was taking all my moves away from me, finally i decided to start 3 betting him light. Then he 4bets me...prob light as well!

I persist with a few 3bets and start to get a few throuh picking up some smallish pots. The table is broken and im happy to move to a much more passive table. I dish out a suck out to a small stack with 99 v jj, revenge for the int main anyway, tho diff player...oops. Then i pick up pot after pot as ppl aren't playing back at me. Unfortunately im now moved to a much tougher table where the dynamic is totally diff.

I notice one guy is open rsng from l8 pos a bit too much, so i 3bet him lite getting him to dwell fold a better than av hand id def say. Then i 'sqze a mass overbet thru getting ak to fold...with ak. After that i rock up as its becoming an allin fest with ppl gambling not wanting to return with bowl tmrw, of crse im now cardead.

Win a couple of small pots late on and am happy with how the day has gone. Gonna do a few chelt bets before rushing off for a 3pm start.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Empire festival...

As alexander the meercat would say...simples.

This week i shall be mostly playing the empire poker festival in london, obv it's my lucky casino. And i've cashed in the first event i've played already. Just busted in 7th for a bag of sand in the £200 event. Became a complete shoot in the end with my ah2h no good v jj. Actually dished out two suck outs in the tournie hitting 3 outers with aplomb both times. Gotta happen eventually, so no complaints here. Was pretty cardead all night and was bumping and grinding, stealing from all positions. Im hugely happy with how i played.

After cashing in i bought in for the 500 two day event which i chopped last year, so glad im able to play it, lovely structure with an average player soooooo poor. I should fit in very well :)

Cheltenham first two days has been a real rollercoaster, ive had lots of winners, but my bad staking plan means im only about level going into day 3. Loving the racing so far though, gotta go one of these days too to the festival, the guiness would flow beautifully!

Ok peeps im pretty whacked so thats about it,



Sunday, 8 March 2009


Sorry stakers, no return this time.

Out in 20th barely half an hour into day2. Simple really, dribbled down to 12k halfway through the 8-1600 level, there was only literally one other spot i cld really have shoved in earlier. Folded round to me in the coff i decided to bin q7 std when i prolly shlda shoved in 16k. Eventually stuck my 12k in utg with 55 utg only to be called by the btns-also quite short stacked's aj. Pretty bad call imo with the blinds still to act and considering it was the only hand id played etc in 30 mins. Still bad calls r normally rewarded against me and the brd paired on the river to send me out. GG etc.

Felt i played gr8, maybe 1 or 2 hands i'd change, but hey its hard to play perfect, and u kinda need to win the 80 percent shots in big pots. Think ill be hitting a nice 1 soon, im feeling great about my game, variance is just a killer.

Laters peeps,


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Main event

Well im still in...just.

Played some great poker and really pretty damn proud with myself, but ill be returning with a bowl of just under 20k sunday at 3, mainly due to the last hand.

After finding a lovely initial table with little 3 betting and 4 bets unheard of i eased my stack up to 28k from 10 by the dinner break. Finding some nice spots to steal and some nice cards on decent flops all helped.

Then nightmare scenario as a huge lag with pos joined our table and started 3betting peeps like me for fun. I snugged up and finally played a bootiful stack defining pot with him.

LAG raised again UTG, then a shortie shoved blind, a medium stack isolated i believe with qq, commiting half of his stack, i find aa in the bb. I insta shove for a variety of reasons, im amazed and overjoyed to see the lag call of 80 percent of his stack, blinds with 150-300 or something, hed put in 800 yet called my 25k shove instantly with ak...claiming, im never folding that there. Appaulling call in my book and for once i scooop after qq dwell folds, tbh think he was commited and shld prob call here too.

Anyway i move up to 50k swinging up to 65k at times, b4 dropping to 40k at others. By the end of the night and the last hand i get involved in a 70k pot. Sitting on about 55k ish i donk allin over the top of a pretty tightish players oop rse with jj. Id developed a somewhat aggro image by now and was looking to exploit this against lesser pairs. He finally called with 99 and hit runner runner 4 the straight and a 70k pot.

So im going back with 20k with blinds at 800-1600 and a 200 ante, and 21 left. Im in shove mode but if i can double up quickly im right back in this.

Sleep time,

Laters peeps,


Friday, 6 March 2009

150 FO Report

Another tournie, another dissapointment.

140 runners took to the felt for this little tournie, lots of value was apparent. Limping like pensioners, the average player shouln't have been playing 150p tournies, let alone quid. I managed to finish 19th myself and played pretty damn well bar in a couple of spots late on. After finally gaining a nice 40k stack with 40 left, i went completely situation dead, id been card dead all evening-but who cares about that. I just needed spots to exploit, but none really appeared with constant allins frustrating any moves id planned.

When the structure had become shooty i make a bad lay down l8 on with a8 in the bb. A loud arrogant young guy rsd 4x my bb from the coff, with the shooty structure its a shove most of the time, yet i folded after a dwell only to be shown 63. Myv reason for folding was the fact he hadn't played many hands at all in like the whole time (30 mins or so) he'd been at my table.

Another potential spot was when with 10bbs utg i folded 44, thin spot but i think i shld have gambled with 21 left. Eventually i was forced to shove kq running in2 aq and without a suck out i was on the rail. Played well with only 99 as a half decent pp all night, ak did help a cple of times tho.

Can't decide whether or not to play the main right now. Im not rolled for 500 events so cant buy in, but may try to sat in and failing that might sell percentages. Id have to sell 50 percent to play, and cos i live in london they r no real expenses so ill sell at face value. **Have sold 10 percent and am looking to shift another 40 percent, in 10 percent blocks it will be 55 quid a block. Let me kno asap if yr interested as event starts tmrw.

** EDIT Now sold all the 50%, thank you ppl.
Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

250 F/O Report

Ok so 1 down and 1 early bust out.

My starting table included jerome bradpeice, albert sapiano and a couple of young movers and shakers. Joe grech soon joined in and i had an intersting table to take on. I played quite tight for once and didn't get involved in any real crazyness bar when i had something, in fact i was a bit of a gibraltor all night. Funnily enough i picked up qq twice and ak 3 times, the queens winning smallish pots both times, the ak cracked on each occasion. Basically i cldnt win a race and that was all she wrote. Was a nice prizepool with 130+runners and a 9.5k first prize. Next tournie...

May play the 150 tmrw but am not sure as id like to concentrate on satting into the 500 main on saturday, which looks full of value.

Laters peeps,


International week....

Im really looking forward to experiencing the international's first festival week, which starts for me tonight with the £250 f/o. The atmosphere at the gutshot's fetival events was always buzzing, and this looks to be no different. Their main event is a cracking structure, but i'm not sure if i'll play that one, we'll see.

This week i'm cranking up the trading action, attempting to build a decent roll for cheltenham week which will be a liscence to print money. Next week is also the empire poker festival. It's a lucky casino for me, and im defending a chop in the 500 event from last year. This month is looking choka already what with the vics festival starting the week after that, poker poker poker, it''s driving me a nice way.

Went down the pub last nite for a few ales and to watch the liverpool game. Wasn't impressed by the scousers despite their victory, i really dont see how benitez keeps his job when they are just not progressing whatsoever. Gerrard really holds that rabble together, wish he'd have a breakdown and move to spurs...oh is that a pig outside flying?

On my knee injuury front it aint looking all that good. The specialist suspected it could be a cruciate injury, and i'm off for an mri scan soon. The sooner i get it sorted the better, even i lazy as i am wish i could get out and about a bit more. Walsall was tough as i was in a great deal of pain and masked it either with painkillers or alcohol....or both! Just kidding on that last bit.

Ok i best go get some volume into my stts, my results recently have suffered from variance in that area, break even at worst, but obv not good enough.

Ok laters peeps,


Monday, 2 March 2009

New month, new start...

Walsall gukpt for me was a non starter really. Again i've shown that in little pots i can more than compete, once those pots start to build i lose my head. Lesson hopefully learnt. One hand i think sums up how badly i played was in a side event. AdKd i raise it up with a big stack. Am called by woody deck in sb and bbb calls too. Flop 234 1 diamond, all ckd. Turn is 5 of diamonds. Woody deck again severly overbets pot commiting most of his 7k stack into a 500 odd pot?? WTF? Anyway i hero with donk end of straight an dnut redraw, wrong odds, wrong everything. Of crse his 6 holds and i'm crippled and bleed to an early exit.

But as the title says new month new start. So no more whinging just positive thoughts.
Well done to sunny chatta for shippping the main event, well deserved. Also congrats to steve holden for his final appearance, just gotta win those flips and who knows eh bud. You'll ship a main soon too i reckon.

I'll be at the international this week 4 thir festival, shld be good.

Laters peeps,