Friday, 20 February 2009

Weekend is here...

I love weekends, I love being able to watch many sports, with bets flying around and trades moving up and down. Sometimes I even play some poker. Lovely. Will put up a couple of tips again at the end of this post. Obv ones to avoid after last week.

I've decided to venture to walsall next week just for the main and one side event. Am playing day 1B of the main and may have some action to sell in myself. Will update on that one, as i already have my seat locked up it's not something i've 100 percent decided on. I should sell as i am not rolled for 1k events, but i really feel a huge score is coming, and thus i feel greedy:)

Twice this week i've felt like some live poker, and twice i have been too lazy to leave the house. This has meant a good increase in online volume, which at least is a plus point. But I am slightly worried bar the odd poker festival i am becoming somewhat of a hermit. This time last year i had a simlar feeling so zipoped off for a quick break to lanzarote. Unfortunately it looks like i'll have to wait till may this year for a break, which is a bummer to say the least.

Ok it's that time now for what i'm sure many are fear...waiting for, my football tips, Dom's diamonds shall i say!

*This week ive lumped on exeter away to chester, apparently the latter are struggling to feild a team, they played a 16 year old up front last week, and the evens looks fair. Also i fancy stoke at home to pompey, may even plump for a 1-0 correct score, but will def have some of the 13-8 the home side on betfair.

*These tips carry a severe wealth warning.

Enuff rambling on,

Laters peeps.

Diamond Dom.


Alex Martin said...

linked u up bud. any chance of a new abercrombie shirt when u win in walsall? ;)

TEAMDOBB said...

nice glitter mate

changing ya name to Gary by any chance??

TEAMDOBB said...

lol the merkat is spreading mate!!!
what ya started?

one of the dobbas cardguard kid has posted this at our forum I thought you may be interested in

Dom said...

That is gr8 news, seems like the meerkat craze is spreading nicely!

Simples! :)