Thursday, 26 February 2009

Walsall is here...

Arrived in walsall thursday 1800hours. Hotel nice, side event.........weak as you could ever wish to see. Unfortunately i threw away a huge chip lead to cash in 7th for a bowl of 470 quidds, after blowing up as expected. Playing mainly as a warm up i hero'd an early call with q10 on a 10 hu brd with a missed flush draw rather apparent. Made for an easy call and got me rocking an rollin. With 20 left i had double the average with 90k and was cruising to a top 3 finish. My demise was sealed when i overplayed both 6c5c and kcjc.....think i gotta fold those clubs.

Loving my hotel right now and looking forward to day 1b. I still have 40% available at 1.3, let me know asap if yr interested.

Laters peeps,


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Steve H. said...

nice result mate, see you later