Saturday, 28 February 2009

Very quick post...

Was knocked out at about 1215am sat mroning in the main event, the last level of the day a la brighton. Tbh i played well for 99% of the day b4 the rags i was recieving got to me. I overplayed 55 utg severely which crippled me, before making one of the biggest hero laydowns in the bb ever seen to man. Think i must have had a brain freeze of epic prportions. Few intersting hands i'd like to talk about and ill do so in a day or so.

A few well known faces have made the final table, it certainly looks like fireworks all day sunday in walsall. Alas ill be back in london watching then 'mighty' spurs prolly get smashed by the 'weakish' united. Two players i'd like to see do well are sunny chatta and steve holden. Steve is such a solid, decent guy who plays in a similar way. Sunny has more gears than an f1 car, and to say the guy is due would be the understatement of the year. So one of these 2 ftw please!

Ok peeps not much else to say really bar i think man u at 4/5 in 90 minutes-dependant on team news, look good things tmrw. Ill be keeping my powder dry however so as not to spoil the match.


0/9 day 2's Dom...lucky number 10 in the vic??

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Thanks mate,

See you soon.