Friday, 6 February 2009

Trading golf....

For once i have decided to post a non poker post on this blog. Still it's a gambling one, so not all that far off the block anyway.

For the last couple of days i've been trading golf, the tournament is the Buick Open in san diego. I used to trade golf a great deal on betfair, especially the majors. Nowadays i've cut right down on this as i just haven't had the paitience. However, due to having a great deal of spare time right now, i decided to plunge back in again. Right now i'm almost wishing I hadn't.

The problem with golf trading i find is that if you find yourself stuck a bit, you find yourself forced to jump back in and square it off, in fact often all you seem to be doing is chasing the 'losses', till eventually you get a small win. In terms of effort and sheer time spent i cant exactly call it +ev and a great roi winner. Yet in a sick way it's a gamblers dream. I can certainly see why many degens bet on putts going in when in groups watching in a bar. A real adrenaline kicker thats for sure.

Anyway, thursday went well and i had good positions on all bar the leader going into today. Thus i decided to trade the pace setter all day (Camilo Villegas) to gain a nice green book. That was the idea, unfortunately almost every single trade i put in went swingy and to call my book red would be an understatement. Right now i can square off a cple of ton loss, or dive back in tmrw and hope for better luck. The former is the most sensible thing to do, so obv i'll be opting for the latter.

I'll be looking for some good football bets over the weekend, i've heard that chester can barely get a side together so may lump on brentford, but at about 1-2 its not exactly a value bet. As mentioned in my prev entry im not a huge fan of benitez, but can't really back pompey right now, esp with pennant ineligible. May lay liverpool small anyway as without gerrard i'd rather chuck my money away than bk them odds on. Aston villa could be a possibilty at around 13/8 away to blackburn also. I'll need to do some more research b4 i get on anyway.

Finally i noticed over the last few days that this blog had been getting more hits than usual. Brilliant thought I, people are starting to enjoy my musing, and with the introduction of pictures i've finally cracked it. So i looked at the referrals and it appears that ppl have being searching for 'compare the' and finding my blog come up in google. Obv this is due to my entry a few days ago about my admiration of that advert. So it turns out i'm still blogging to a select audience, but for all you meekat fans, heres another piccy! This is the stamp collecting new york meerkat.

Ok think that is about all she wrote so it's time to goooo.

Later peeps,

Dom the bad trader.

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