Monday, 23 February 2009

Less pics more substance...

*Updated post

Firstly apologies to anyone who was crazy enough to take my advice and lump on my two footy selections at the weekend. Once again for the second week in succession, BOTH finished in snore draws. I think i should do the pools with this gift i have for choosing such equally matched teams each week. Oh well try, try again and all, im sure on friday i'll have another couple of diamond tips:)

*Secondly i am selling up to 50% of my action for the GUKPT main event at walsall this week at 1.3. I am idealy looking to sell in 5 10% blocks of £130 each- i'm happy to pay the juice. Just let me kno via the comments section on here or by email and we'll sort out transfers. I'll accept payment via full tilt or bank transfer, obv gotta be up front b4 percentage is confirmed.

Why buy part of me? Well i'm pretty experienced in high stake mtts nowadays, i feel much, much more confident about my game. I feel i have a def edge over yr average player in that field, and i'll prove it next week. The last few live tournies i have played have felt so easy compared to online battles, it's just about gaining the hunger and the paitence. I feel i have both right now.

Reading back over my last few posts have revealed an alarming pattern. Plenty of pretty pictures but very little substance. One follower of this blog has even left, possibly sick of a great deal of waffle without any actual poker content. Doesn't do what it says on the tin i guess, and it is called 'Dom's Poker news' after all. To be honest unless i am playing live poker, i am not a huge fan of chattting about hugely standard online situations on here, of which there are zillions that occur to me every week. However, as its suppoesed to be a poker blog i am going to try and include hand analysis each week on here, whether online or live.

The stts this last week have been barey broke even. Looks like my pronouncements a week ago of 'i can't remember the last losing easy it's dull etc' were a touch premature. It's mainly just variance tbh, but also i think many are using software to gain an edge over me, so ill have to step into the new century and install poker tracker etc soon as b4 i become another fish in the sea. I like my shark rating on stts, and do not wish to lose it.

Spurs scraped a win tonight, which was nice, lennon fgs and +2.5 goals in the game both copping nicely for a few snarlers indeed. Betting on my own team is horrid tho, i also had a nice wager on 2-2 which left me almost hoping for a hull equaliser near the end, something i really shouldn't be doing. But i guess harry dsnt pay my rent and thus i dont feel so bad. Last week's golf selections left me drawing level, which certainly wasn't the end of the world. In australia i drew a complete blank, with mickleson rescuing the bank balance with an up/down final round finally clinching the american tournie.

I'll play an mtt over the next day or so and analyse a hand or 2 from it on here in the next post. I may even do this from 'sunny' walsall on thursday. I play on friday but will get there nice and early to play the 100 shoot for a warm up thurs nite.

This blog does look rather bare without a pic so i'll put up a pic just for the sake of it. Not really poker related but dsnt really matter imo. Meerkats ftw!!!

Later peeps,


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