Friday, 13 February 2009

Fa cup and things...

This weekends games look interesting. Just an early stage of deciding my bets right now, but am drawn towards blackburn@4/5 on betfair at home v coventry. A half decent side sent out by big sam should be able to do the job against an average championship side. Also quite liking west ham verus the pretty woeful boro at home, again at about 4/5. Nothing else really stands out imo. May combine these selections in a double. Have done a fun bet for a fiver(all i was allowed on)for any player to kiss the ref in the facup this weekend @33s. If there were lower league teams involved this wld be a cert, still maybe a few swansea players might fancy a few extra quid.

Pokerwise i actually ventured out for a live game this week. It's amazing how you notice so many things regarding betting patterns and how bad gen live players play, after playing so much online. Recenty i've been grinding it out a great deal and seem to have tightened up my gane quite well. This is so important when playing live as overall i've bluffed off live in far too many once promising situations.

Last night was a fun lil 50 quid (5k starting stack, 20 min levels-i think) fo down the international. My mate kindly gave this injured fish a lift to the club. My table was quite an action one so i switched off aggro tendancies. One guy was playing every hand till he dbld up by racing and another was limp calling rss oop with ace junk and getting there. I managed to dble up with aces v kings and now id locked up a stack was looking good. 20 minutes later i was watching the darts in the seating area and considering playing online.

My tournie ended after 3 or 4 key hands. With 10k and 50-100 blinds it might sound marginal, but in a shooty structure im not folding ak std to a rr donk allin for 35% of my stack. I'd rsd utg to 300 and had been amazed to see quite a fishy player donk it allin for 3500 with 77. My two overs and nut draw on the flop didn't get there.

I also tried rsng aforementioned players bb with kq only to see him defend to the death with j4 and mid pair on an ace brd. Lovely. Didnt fire the third bullet as i thought i had showdown value...ooops.

Then a typical blind v blind confrontation crippled me with a pretty cooler board. Blinds 100-200 i make it 600 form the sb with ac10s. BB- a capable player defends and we see a A2J Brd with 2 spades. Having the 10 of spades as well here affects my decison making and i donk 775 into the pot, being swiftly rrsd allin for a few thou more. I'd often fold such a marginal but imo the position, the redraws available and the structure of the trne force my hand here. Also i felt she cld easily have the fd. Which she did with as5s, the 5 plopping on the turn quickly enough. Think the hand plays itself in this situation. Got my bowl of rice in soon after with 88 v the bullets, no suckout for mr kay today.

I played a bit online afterwards and enjoyed playing in such an envirmonet. More of such visits for me ftw i believe. Getting out of the ol routine every now and then is so crucial in poker. It can get so dull and monotonous after a while, like a job even! :)

Best stick up a meercat b4 i go to please all google searchers-i am still loving that advert!! Becoming a couch potato fast as the knee is still very fragile and im getting xrayed AGAIN tmrw. Hop-fully it will be ok.

This is the yoga, new york based meercat.

Laters peeps,


Ps- Blackburn and west ham in a double tmrw looking good:)

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