Monday, 16 February 2009

Bad tips and Boredom...

Firstly apologies to anyone mad enough to have listened to my football tips last weekend. Both were lucky to gain draws, the weekend was certainly not profitable for me in terms of sports betting bar the Golf which went well. The poker is still going well enough. I can't remember the last losing day i've had recently from playing sit and go's. The only problem is im finding them so easy, they r becoming boring. I know winning money sounds fun and exciting even, yet the monotonous grind is so dull i yearn for something more. I know in my heart i want to be a selective mtt player, something my roll won't allow right day.

Backed arsenal -1.5 last night which was a lock by half time, i'm thinking of a similar bet on united against fulham midweek, obv depends on team news. The appointment of hiddink last week was all gooooooood 4 me, i got paid out by paddy power, but still have my bets on carlo ancelotti running, hopefully he'll step in next season. Mancini is another who wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's a freeroll for me now anyway so i'm not bothered too much even if gus keeps it. Another pretty nice bet i have running is paul hart at 25s for the pompey job. Think hes down to 4s or something now after their win at the weekend. Personally i always try to back the caretaker at party prices as soon as the manager markets are getting priced up, within reason of crse, lets just say i didn't go overboard on wilkins.

In other news i still havent got the hospital results on my knee. It's frustrating to say the least. I think psychologically it's holding me back from fully exercising the leg and allowing me to be as lazy as i really need an excuse. Anyway with the walsall gukpt on next week i gotta get it sorted this week as i do not want to miss out on making the big bucks, not when i'm feeling so positive about poker. As i say, it's becoming dull winning money, so i might as well bore myself a little more eh.

I must admit i really struggle about what to write in this blog, i'd love to do detailed hand analysis, but i am just so damn lazy, sorry ppl. One day i hope i can thoroughly mangle a hand or two in this blog and be very proud once again.

Ok time to go, laters peeps.


Ps- No meerkats this time im afraid.


dalzini said...

Mate the blog has improved nicely. It's a lot better hearing about a touch of betting opinion and your bum knee rather than bad beats and berating of donkeys!!!

Keep it up

Steve H. said...

Hi mate,
Wining is wining no matter what game it is, it might be boring but it's paying the bills, step up to the $200 $500 double ups, you good enough to build your Vegas bankroll up on them. See you at Walsall mate.

TEAMDOBB said...

fk boring hand historys, sooner have pretty pics anytime):)

reevio said...

I demand Meerkats!